Salon Perfect Neon POP! Collection Limited Edition Shades Swatches and Review

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Happy Monday! Today I have some neons swatches to show you. These electric shades are the five limited edition polishes in the new 14-piece Salon Perfect Neon POP! Collection. These should be showing up now in Walmart stores nationwide (details at end of post).

Salon Perfect Neon POP! Wrapped Around My Pink-y

Salon Perfect Neon POP! Collection Limited Edition Shades

I tried everything to capture the neon of these colors with my lighting setup to no avail. Finally I ended up waiting until the weekend and retaking the pics in a shaded corner of a naturally lit room with the camera on auto and the flash engaged (talk about trial and error!) The ISO really jumped (for you fellow camera nerds) so the pics are grainier than usual...but the color is more accurate this way. All swatches have a white base, Salon Perfect Sugar Cube, and are finished with Salon Perfect Crystal Clear topcoat.

First up is Oh Snap!, an intense neon pink. It's so neon, in fact, that I feel like my eyes are deceiving me. It seems to lean just a touch orange? Or maybe it's just a deeper shade on the nail than in the bottle? This is three coats of color, but only because I was impatient and didn't give the white base enough time to dry.

Salon Perfect Neon Pop Oh Snap!

Next is Copacabana Girl. Like Oh, Snap!, this one is insanely neon. It's a pretty coral orange with a subtle pink shimmer. My camera has trouble with oranges...especially neon oranges - so you'll have to trust me on this one. It's much more vibrant in person.

Salon Perfect Neon Pop Copacabana Girl

This is Mer-made of Money, a clean, bright teal. I swatched this over white (for consistency - since I'm OCD!), but it's not necessary. This is three coats, but without a white base, you'd be perfectly good in two.

Salon Perfect Neon Pop Mer-Made of Money

Purple POP! is a bright medium purple creme. It dries to a semi-matte finish, so there must be some neon pigment in there. My swatch is two coats.

Salon Perfect Neon Pop Purple POP!

And last, but not least is Wrapped Around My Pink-y. This is my fave. In the bottle, it looks very similar to Oh, Snap!, but it's quite a bit brighter and the formula is more of jelly. If you swatch this over white, make sure your base is good and dry because the translucence of the pink isn't very forgiving if the white gets streaky. This one is probably a three-coater, with or without a base.

So there are the five limited edition colors. What do you think? I've always had great luck with Salon Perfect...especially their annual neon releases which are on trend and affordable. So what about the rest? Here are the remaining nine polishes in the 2015 Neon POP! Collection [salon perfect bottle images and descriptions below.]

Haute Pink
a scorching hot pink

Flamingo Flair
Neon flamingo pink

Traffic Cone
Neon orange

Yowza Yellow
Highlighter yellow

Loopy Lime
Luminous lime green

Salon Perfect Neon Pop Collection - Gone Sailing
Gone Sailing
Energizing sea green shimmer

Bermuda Baby
Cool Caribbean blue shimmer

Fired Up Fuchsia
Flashy fuchsia shimmer

Tickled Pink
Neon bubbleum pink

The Salon Perfect Neon POP! Collection is available now at Walmart for $3.98 each. Visit and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for news and promotions.