Video Tutorial - Easy Freehand Flower Nail Art using OPI Color Paints Blendable Nail Lacquers

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I know, shocker...a video tutorial! This is the first time I've ever filmed (and edited) a video - so bear with me. What's the special occasion? OPI asked the bloggers in their network to create a look using their new line of blendable nail lacquers called Color Paints. The shades are semi transparent - but you can create new shades by overlapping different colors. You start with a special, silver metallic base that gives a cool dimension to the color - making the end result very different than what you get with OPI Sheer Tints.

I was inspired by a picture of bright petunias in a flower garden, so I went to work trying to create something that looked difficult, but was, in fact, quite simple to do. I hope you like it.

I used most of the colors in the line. Here are all nine shades. OPI descriptions follow the pic.

  • Silver Canvas - A clean-slate silver to illuminate your masterpiece
  • Magenta Muse - This sultry red-violet is truly inspiring
  • Pen & Pink - I'm irresistibly drawn to this rosy pink
  • Chromatic Orange - This freshly squeezed orange is awash with color
  • Primarily Yellow - Paint some sunshine with this glowing yellow
  • Landscape Artist - The lush, verdant green of wide-open vistas
  • Turquoise Aesthetic - Beauty is in the eye of this deep aqua
  • Indigo Motif - I have designs on this deep, midnight blue
  • Purple Perspective - The depth of this purple is mesmerizing

The silver plate that I'm using as a palette for the polish in the video is the LaVaque Professional Full Palette (you can get it here). I love it because it's perfectly smooth and easy to clean. I also have their Thumb Palette (here), but I use that primarily when I'm working on other people. I'd seen these products before, but was really intrigued during my research for my 10 Unusual Nail Tools article in the April issue of NAILPRO (if you're interested, you can read that here.)

Okay, back to the polish...I thought these were really fun and different. Even if you don't do nail art, the metallic base gives a unique effect to the color. Several other brands are coming out with a similar concept (Sephora Formula X Infinite Ombre, Young Nails CAPTION Lucents), but I haven't had a chance to compare. These are available now at Ulta,, and select stores for $9.50 each.