China Glaze Desert Escape Summer Specialty Collection 2015 Swatches and Review

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Hello there! Exciting stuff on the blog today. When I was in LA in February, I had brunch with someone whose job I covet...head of PR for China Glaze. She gave Sarah and I a sneak peek at an upcoming summer specialty release called the Desert Escape Collection (in fact, you've seen one of these shades on the blog here - the rose gold background on her mani at the very end of the post is Meet Me in the Mirage).  The collection will be available 1 June exclusively at

China Glaze The Heat is On

China Glaze Desert Escape Collection

Since it's officially been announced, I can finally share my swatches. :) I LOVE this collection. Don't get me wrong, the China Glaze Electric Nights Collection is great and fun and perfect for summer...but the Desert Escape bunch is so much more, well, me. Below are all six colors. I want to use them all together in some striped nail art. I really dig how they look all lined up in a row!

China Glaze Desert Escape Collection
So let's get to the swatches. First up is that rose gold, Meet Me in the Mirage. If you're only going to get one polish from this set...this is it. Such a pretty metallic. It would be great for nail art too. Sometimes I get tired of the same old gold and silver accents - it's nice to have an alternative.

China Glaze Meet Me in the Mirage

Don't Mesa with my Heart is a pretty, bubblegum pinky-purple creme. It's not a unique color, but very sweet with a nice formula too.

China Glaze Don't Mesa with my Heart

Don't Desert Me is a deep, fuchsia shimmer. It's gorgeous on the nail. This is two coats.

China Glaze Don't Desert Me

What's She Dune? is a quiet beige creme. It's very subtle, but I like it. The formula wasn't chalky at all like I expected. It was smooth in two coats.

China Glaze What's She Dune?

Rain Dance the Night Away is a bright turquoise creme. The formula was a little thick on this one. Initially I thought it looked like For Audrey in the bottle, but I dug out For Audrey and the two are CLEARLY different. Rain Dance the Night Away is much, much bluer and brighter. This is two coats.

China Glaze Rain Dance the Night Away

And last but not least is The Heat is On, a gorgeous, FIREY red-orange. My swatch doesn't go quite orange enough. It's a killer red for someone who can pull off the warmer reds. The formula was perfect. My swatch is two coats.

The collection will also include two nail art kits: Fringe with Benefits (three lacquers and some temp tattoos) and Art You Looking Tribal (three lacquers and a black Stripe Rite striper). Tribal Council is the full collection in micro minis.
This one of my fave collections lately. You can't go wrong with a perfectly formulated red, a great turquoise, some purple shimmer, dashes of traditional pink and nude, and a standout rose gold. I wish this collection was available more widely. I think it would have sold well just about anywhere! What do you think?

The China Glaze Summer Specialty Desert Escape Collection will launch June 1st 2015. It will only be available at (not in Sally's stores or other retailers). Lacquers will retail for $7.50, nail design kits are $14.95, and the Tribal Council micro mini set will be $12.00. For more information, please visit and follow China Glaze® on FacebookInstagram, Twitter (@ChinaGlaze) and Pinterest.