Colors by Llarowe Oh, Baby! Collection Swatch and Review

 press sample 
Alright, I'm slowly ramping back up with the posts. Here's another collection that I received before I started the blog migration. Fortunately, all of of these are still available on the Llarowe website! The Colors by Llarowe Oh, Baby! Collection includes seven pretty holos...all created to celebrate motherhood. I'll tell you upfront, the polishes are gorgeous with a fantastic formula...but I'm not digging a few of these polish names. Not that pregnancy and motherhood aren't beautiful things - but some of these names...oh boy. Luckily I don't care about the name, as long as it looks good. Am I right? I futzed with my lighting a bit to show off the don't mind my ghostlike fingers!

I'll start with my fave, Mom Jeans. It's a denim blue linear holo with a touch of gold flake. I couldn't see the gold flake much...but the pretty blue and strong holo are gorgeous enough.

Colors by Llarowe Mom Jeans

Next up is The Crowning Moment. It's the most vibrant of the bunch. It's a grape purple holo with a subtle pink and gold shimmer.

Colors by Llarowe The Crowning Moment
Ice Chip Wishes & Epidural Dreams is a minty silver with a super strong holo effect. For some reason silvery shades photograph strangely for me...but this pic is pretty close. The holo is truly this crazy.

Colors by Llarowe Ice Chip Wishes & Epicural Dreams

Engorgeous is a baby pink. I didn't expect it to be as rainbow-y as it is. It's a beautiful shade for spring.

Colors by Llarowe Engorgeous

Sleeping is for Suckers (this name did make me chuckle) is a peachy pink linear holo. I'm usually not a fan of peachy shades on me..but this is pretty, I'll admit.

Colors by Llarowe Sleeping is for Suckers

Onesies is a cool combo of mint green holo with a light blue shimmer. This is another favorite. I love it! It's a touch deeper in real life.

Colors by Llarowe Onesies

And last but not least is I Look Good in Stirrups. It's a true lavender pink with a nice holo effect.

Colors by Llarowe I Look Good in Stirrups

All polishes applied smoothly and were perfectly opaque in two coats.. I didn't use topcoat - not sure if that would dull the holo effect at all. I think this collection is perfect for spring and summer and if you love holo polish you'll want to pick a few of these up while they're still available.

The Colors by Llarowe Oh, Baby! Collection is available at Each polish is 12mL and retails for $12USD each. Llarowe offers free shipping for US orders over $50 and Canadian orders over $100.