Cupcake Polish Queen Collection Swatches and Review

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Okay, so I've got an absolutely gorgeous collection by Cupcake Polish to show you today. The Queen Collection is a five-piece set with a thoughtful inspiration (which I'll share). All are rich gemstone-colored, linear holos packed with shimmer. They're available now at Details are at the end of this post.

So let's get to the swatches. All are two coats of polish and one coat of topcoat. I'll say this once - the formula was smooth with a strong holo effect, intense color, and great coverage.This is one of those collections where each one is beautiful on it's own, but all five look amazing together. You'll want the entire set! :)

Catherine is inspired by Catherine the Great of Russia. She ruled during Russia's Golden Age and is credited for expanding the Russian Empire and allowing the arts to flourish. Catherine is a beautiful, deep pink...practically a red.

Cupcake Polish Catherine

Victoria (the name of my mom and a dear friend!) is inspired by Queen Victoria of Great Britian and Ireland. She's considered one of the most influential Queens in history and is credited for bringing both political and social reforms to her kingdom." Victoria (the polish) is a deep purple with a subtle red shift and pink shimmer. It looks like a manipulated the color and effect in my photo, but I didn't. This shade is stunning!

Cupcake Polish Victoria

Maria is inspired by Maria Theresa of Austria. Maria Theresa is known for improving the arts, medicine and education during her reign. The polish a gorgeous, shimmery, dark royal blue holo.

Cupcake Polish Maria

Elizabeth is the most subtle of the bunch. It's a gold holo with a strong golden shimmer. This shade is inspired by Queen Elizabeth the First who brought the Renaissance to her kingdom. I love this gold...not too yellow - more champagne. You really have to see this one in person to appreciate it. I'm crazy about it.

Cupcake Polish Elizabeth

Eleanor is inspired by Eleanor of Aquitaine. During her reign, she transformed this French province into the center of knowledge and culture. This polish is hard to describe. It's actually black, but shifts from pink to blue with shimmer. It almost looks like a chocolate brown. Very unusual and very pretty.

Cupcake Polish Eleanor

I absolutely love every single one of these so it's hard to pick favorites, but if I must, I'll have to say Maria and Victoria. Cupcake Polish is one of the pricier indies ($13 each) but I think they're with it. [cupcake polish bottle shots below]

Cupcake Polish Queen Collection

The Cupcake Polish Queen Collection is available now at for $13 each or $60 for the full set. Be sure to keep up with news and promotions by following Cupcake Polish on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.