Polished by KPT Cosmic XOdus I Collection Swatches and Review

 press sample 
Hey there! Today is launch day for another great Polished by KPT collection. The Cosmic XOdus I Collection includes 10 science and space-themed shades in glitter, duochrome and thermal finishes. You can get your hands on these at 12pm PST today (yes, that's very soon) at the Polished by KPT shop. More details at the end of this post. So let's get straight to the swatches! I'll say this once up front. The formula was excellent across the board. For all swatches, I used three coats for full coverage...but the glitters would be awesome as one-coat toppers too!


Nalani is my fave of the glitters, and actually my fave of the entire collection! The jelly base is filled with green, blue, purple and holo silver glitters. Honestly, it's one of the most amazing polishes I've seen in a while. It's crazy stunning.  This is three coats.

Polished by KPT Nalani

Bleeding Stars is a clear-based glitter. The name is perfect. The glitters are red, copper, silver and holo. It's super sparkly in person.

Polished by KPT Bleeding Stars

Wave Function is a close second fave for me. This berry jelly is filled with red, violet and holo glitters. You know how I love berry polish.

Polished by KPT Wave Function

Light-years has a clear base also. It's packed with holo traditional and micro bar glitters and gold shimmer. I didn't think I would get such coverage in only three coats.

Polished by KPT Light Years

The last (but not least) glitter is Vacay 2 Venus. It has a variety of pinks, silver and holo glitters. It's so delicate. I love it.

Polished by KPT Vacay 2 Venus


There are two duochromes, both have a black base and color shifting micro flakies, which is really cool and unusual. The first is Underneath the Milky Way. There are so many colors of microshimmer and glitter, I won't even attempt to describe it. The effect is really beautiful. I wish my pic did it justice.

Polished by KPT Underneath the Milky Way

Wreath for the Stars is equally complex. The result is similarly beautiful. This is great for the holidays.

Polished by KPT Wreath for the Stars


The first of three thermals is Lambda Max 510. It has three different color states: bright green when cold, lime green in transition, and an olive-tinted silver when warm...all complemented with a holo finish and golden shimmer. With all of these thermals, it's impossible to capture all of this cool stuff on camera. I did my best! My pinky and ringer are warm in the pic below.

Polished by KPT Lambda Max 510

A Dream Within a Dream is a polychromatic. It's a deep magenta red with purple and red shimmer. When warm, it's primarily a soft lilac.

Polished by KPT Dream Within a Dream

The final polish, Mars Escapade, is also a polychromatic thermal. The base polish is a deep purple-blue with red, pink, blue and green micro shimmers. Unfortunately my bottle is MIA. I'll add that swatch to this post as soon as it turns up. Clearly I have too much's like finding Waldo.

So there you have it. Great release, don't you think? The Cosmic XOdus II Collection is on the way, so be on the lookout. Polished by KPT sells out fast. Be ready to snatch up your faves.

The Polished by KPT Cosmic XOdus I Collection will be available at 12PM PST TODAY (22 November 2014) here. Be sure to follow Polished by KPT on social media for news and promotions. Find KPT on facebook, twitter and instagram.