Polished by KPT Paris & Me Collection Swatches and Review

 press sample 
Guess what? Polished by KPT is back! How exciting is that?! After a brief break to relocate, Katherine has come out swinging with a beautiful new collection for Fall called Paris & Me. This collection just went on sale last week. See details at the end of this post, plus a chance to win it all! This bunch has KPT's beloved thermals, plus blingy glitters and rainbowy holos. Let’s take a look.

I’ll start with my absolute fave. Rouge-Lette in Love is a linear holographic. I can’t decide if the color is cool or warm. It’s a rusty red shade, but the holo makes it lean a cool pink...that's because it's filled with opal and purple microshimmers. Very pretty and a great formula. This is two coats.

Polished by KPT Rouge-Lette

Midnight Lust is an opalescent white when warm and a deep royal blue when cool. It’s filled with a delicate shimmer. The thermal transition is really incredible and is especially fun if you have a longer free-edge as the tips stay blue! I used three coats.

Polished by KPT Rouge-Lette

Lumieres is packed with silver holo flakies in a clear base. The total effect has a beautiful lavender tint. This would be great over other colors, but it’s stunning on its own. I was able to get good full-coverage in three coats. It spreads easily, especially considering all that glitter. It is sooooo blingy!

Polished by KPT Lumieres

Same Fall Different Beginning is a tri-color thermal that starts as a gold flecked nude that transitions to a deep purple to burgundy. The jelly base is filled with tons of gold flakes and holo microglitters. I dipped my pinky and ring finger in cold water. So many colors. I used three coats for my swatch.

Polished by KPT Same Fall Different Beginning

Next up is Lady Roxane, a soft purple holo with pink undertones and a slight shimmer. This one seems like a Spring shade to me, but that’s okay because it’s gorgeous. This is two coats.

Polished by KPT Lady Roxanne

Fall-O-You is another thermal. This one goes from a medium gray when warm to olive green when cool. I think this combination is really unusual, but it works! The transition was really subtle for me, but I gotta say...I love this one. What a great color for Fall. This is two easy coats.

Polished by KPT Fall-O-You

Cloudy Days Go Away is soft blue-grey shimmer. I love gray polish, so this was a big winner for me. I like the touches of green in the light. I used three coats.

Polished by KPT Cloudy Days Go Away

Belle Ami is a unique linear holographic thermal that goes from charcoal gray to burgundy. I had a hard time being "cool" (My daughter tells me that all the time. LOL.) By the time I got set up for the shot, the burgundy was starting to vanish. You can still get a hint of it though and can see it a bit on the tips too.

Polished by KPT Belle Ami

And last, but not least is Triomphe-nt Night, the golden sister to Lumieres. WOW! The glitter is much finer and the golden base is gorgeous. This is another favorite for me. You could get away with two generous coats, but I used three thin ones. Love.

Polished by KPT Triomphe-nt NIght

Remember, depending on your circulation, your "default" shade on the thermals may be different than mine. I love that Katherine is incorporating some non-thermals into her line. She has such a great eye for color.  Wakylaki has some awesome shots of the thermal transitions, so be sure to check out her post here before you buy! Rouge-Lette in Love, Fall-O-You and Triomphe-nt Night are my picks.


To celebrate the relaunch of Polished by KPT and her 30K milestone on Instagram, Katherine is hosting a fun giveaway called Where in the World is Polished by KPT? Post a photo of a Polished by KPT bottle with a background containing a landmark of your city or town with the hashtag #polishedbykpt. One North American (US and Canada) and one international winner will get the complete Paris & Me Collection! The deadline for submission is October 12, 2014 at midnight PST.

The Paris & Me Collection just went on sale last Monday (9/29) so grab them while you can. Shop here and follow Polished by KPT on Facebook and Instagram too!