WPP PRO: OPI GelColor Coca-Cola Collection Nail Art and Review

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As you may know, I'm a licensed nail tech. I also do some freelance writing for NAILPRO Magazine, a leading publication for professional nail techs (if you're interested, you can check out my latest article in the current issue here). Since WPP's licensed tech readership has grown, I've decided to occasionally feature product reviews and demos of products designed for professional use. These "WPP PRO" posts will have the banner below and can be accessed through the new "wpp pro" menu button above. If you're not a licensed tech, I think these posts will still be useful for you as you seek out new products and services offered by professionals in salons.

My first WPP PRO post is on a new-to-me product, OPI GelColor. Specifically, I'll be showing you the GelColor Coca-Cola Collection Add-On Kit which contains six of the nine gel polishes available in the release (you can find info on the OPI lacquer Coca-Cola Collection here). I tested out the system by creating some simple striped nail art. I love how the colors came together.

GelColor is a 100% gel color, which means it wears and protects like a gel and retains a shiny finish for the duration of the manicure. The GelColor Base Coat contains both gel polymer and solvent-type polymers for faster removal. The GelColor Top Coat can be used as a fast way to shine and seal enhancements (just remember it must be filed off because soaking will break down acrylic or tips). Wear time can be 14+ days depending on the client's nail condition and how they use their hands.

Application is simple. Prep nails by gently buffing (if desired), cleanse with N.A.S 99 (OPI's pro cleanser) and apply OPI BondAid (which balances the pH of the nail and helps adhesion).  Apply a thin coat of Base Coat and cure, two coats of color (curing between coats) and one coat of Top Coat. Be sure to shake each bottle before application and cap the free-edge. Each step will cure in just 30 seconds in LED light. (Check the product literature for cure times under UV.) Finally, remove the residue with N.A.S 99.

For this look, I used all six colors in the kit:

  1. Get Cherried Away
  2. Sorry I'm Fizzy Today
  3. Green on the Runway
  4. Coca-Cola Red
  5. Turn on the Haute Light
  6. Today I Accomplished Zero

After prep and base coat, I started with a color base of Coca-Cola Red.  I'm completely in love with this red! It's simply a beautiful, true red. And I was shocked by how smooth and creamy it truly applies more like a polish than a gel. While the bottle and cap are the same iconic OPI shape, the brush is appropriately smaller and thinner for more control of the gel product. I had no issues with the red slipping on the nail or pooling at the sidewalls. After curing two complete coats, I used a nail art brush to freehand one coat of stripes on top using the remaining colors and cured again. I finished with one coat of GelColor Top Coat and removed the residue.

Removal is typical of gel. You can saturate OPI Expert Touch Removal Wrap pads with Expert Touch Lacquer Remover (or saturate a cotton ball with acetone based remover, place on the nail and wrap the fingertips with foil). Check fingers after 15 minutes and rewrap, if necessary. Gently push the gel off of nail with a cuticle stick.

I'm just now getting into gels. I resisted for so long because I change my polish so often, but it's really hard to resist gel's ultra-shiny, smooth finish. I loved the consistency of the GelColor shades I tried and definitely love the range of colors available in the line, as well as the reputation behind the OPI name. For the professional tech, GelColor has a low cost-per-service and clients really benefit from expert prep and application.

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