The Biggest Indie Polish Round Up Ever!

Hi guys! Today I have a massive post of independent polish maker news! While I was in Las Vegas for Cosmoprof North America (CPNA), I had the pleasure of attending Shine & Social and Sparkle & Wine. These events gave the bloggers attending CPNA an up-close look at many different indie labels, the brains behind each, and some sneak peeks at what's to come. In this ginormous post, I'll give you an overview of the events and a snapshot of the indies I got to talk to (in alphabetical order).

Shine & Social and Sparkle & Wine

I'll tell you, the indies outdid themselves. On Sunday night, I attended Sparkle & Wine. Held in an amazing media suite of Mandalay Bay, the food and drinks flowed and each indie had space to show off their wares. It was incredible. Kudos to Christy Rose of KBShimmer and Pam Heil of Girly Bits Cosmetics for organizing this stellar event! There was lots of fan-girling going on! Even Karie Frost, Beauty Director of Nail It! and Beth Livesay, Senior Editor of NAILS Magazine stopped by!

Some of the indies that participated in Sparkle & Wine (with a few bloggers mixed in for good measure) (L-R) Back Row: Cynthia of Alter Ego Nail Enamels, Sara of Cupcake Polish, Katherine of Manicure Addict (blog), Sandy of Dandy Nails, Emily of Llarowe, Leah Ann of Llarowe, Sheila of Pointless Cafe (blog); Middle Row: Ashley of Ashley is Polish Addicted (blog), Victoria of Serum No. 5; Front Row: Pam of Girly Bits, Christy of KBShimmer, Sandy's Friend (Photo courtesy of Serum No. 5)

Beautiful media suite at Mandalay Bay during the Sparkle & Wine Event. (Photo courtesy of

Shine & Social was organized by SuperChic Lacquer and held in the PRESS Lounge at The Four Seasons Hotel the night before the show began. It was a fun, unstructured event with an awesome giveaway with lots of prizes, including an ad in NAILS Magazine!

Beth Livesay, Senior Editor of Nails Magazine, and Hannah of Dalai Lama's Nails, showing off her prize on the patio of the PRESS Lounge during the Shine & Social event. (Photo courtesy of NAILS Magazine)

I stuck pics of the night (along with polish shots) throughout this post. The Mandalay Bay windows have a gold tint which plays havoc on photos - I color corrected where I could...but some still look a bit neon depending where we were standing in the room :) Special thanks to everyone who let me borrow pics. I've given credit in each caption. So without further ado...let's get to the indies!

Meet the Indies...

Alter Ego Nail Enamel Chocolatier and Vintner

Alter Ego Nail Enamels

  • The Brains: Cynthia
  • Fun Fact: Cynthia is certified by the Ceramics Art Institute and once owned a ceramics business that supplied Halloween candle holders to a group of Wicks N' Sticks stores.
  • The Goods: Original nail lacquers
  • Available Now: A variety of glitters, holos and metallics
  • What's Next? Alter Ego doesn't release seasonal collections. The line's theme is functions (actions that people would like to do, are doing, or are interested in doing like job positions, hobbies, all things along that line). "Newies" are released as prototypes are deemed ready for prime time.
  • Where to Buy:

View from the Sparkle & Wine suite window...fancy! (Photo courtesy of

Chaos & Crocodiles Operation Vegas (Cosmoprof blogger exclusive) and Protocol

Chaos & Crocodiles

  • The Brains: Sarey
  • The Goods:  Original nail lacquer, glass files and other merchandise
  • What's Next? The Secret Agent Collection (get a peek here)
  • Where to Buy:

Sarey from Chaos & Crocodiles and Pam from Girly Bits (Photo courtesy of

Colors by Llarowe Show Me Again and Show Me Da' Money!

Colors by Llarowe

  • The Brains: Leah Ann
  • Fun Fact: A brick & mortar Llarowe store is in the works! And maybe even a do-it-yourself polish creation bar! (Um...I'm moving to Colorado!)
  • The Goods: Original nail lacquers (see my most recent swatches here)
  • Available Now: Summer 2014 Collection
  • What's Next? Show Me Collection and Emily's Imagination Collection
  • Where to Buy:

Leah Ann from Llarowe, Sara from Cupcake Polish and Me

Cupcake Polish

  • The Brains: Sara
  • The Goods: Original nail lacquer and the Sweet Addictions monthly subscription box which contains a Cupcake Polish and other handmade goodies
  • Available Now: American Beauty Collection and Best Summer Ever Collections
  • Where to Buy:

Cupcake Polish display (Photo courtesy of

Dandy Nails Waste Away with Me

Dandy Nails

  • The Brains: Sandy
  • Fun Fact: Sandy bakes wedding cakes (I admire people who do that because it would totally stress me out! LOL)
  • The Goods: Original nail lacquers
  • Available Now: The shop has been on hiatus, but will reopen next month
  • What's Next? Sign up at Etsy to be notified when the shop relaunches!
  • Where to Buy:

L-R: Pam of Girly Bits, Cynthia of Alter Ego, Ashley of Ashley is Polish Addicted (blog), Sheila of Pointless Cafe (blog), Karie of Nail It! Magazine and Christy of KBShimmer (Photo courtesy of

Different Dimension Big Bang, Heavenly Waters, and Ultraviolet

Different Dimension

  • The Brains: Missi
  • The Goods: Original nail lacquers
  • Available Now: Sea You on the Other Side Collection (8 shades)
  • What's Next? The Cosmetically Speaking Collection will release in early August. Plus, Missi is expanding into natural skin and nail care items!
  • Where to Buy: (use coupon code CPNADD for 20% off before September 1st!)

Missi from Different Dimension and Me

Elevation Polish Yeti Finds an Oasis (blogger Cosmoprof exclusive)

Elevation Polish

  • The Brains: LuLu
  • Fun Fact:  Lulu is a translator and can read/write over 100 languages! (Is your jaw on the floor?)
  • The Goods: Original nail lacquers
  • Available Now: Sea Collection and Forest Collection
  • What's Next? Italian Collection (August) and Africa Collection (October)
  • Where to Buy:

Lulu from Elevation Polish and Me

Emerald & Ash Cuddle-Butt and Deconstructed Daisy

Emerald & Ash

  • The Brains: Ashley & Nate
  • Fun Fact: Ashley got to see the Hubble Space Telescope up close and in person (I'm assuming while it was still on Earth!) and Nate is a physicist! (Wow!)
  • The Goods: Original nail lacquers and cuticle oils
  • Available Now: The Life in Color Collection - 13 shades themed around colors
  • What's Next? A duo inspired by this (very annoying, but addictive) video
  • Where to Buy:

Nate and Ashley of Emerald & Ash with Pam of Girly Bits (Photo courtesy of

Girly Bits Cosmetics Neutron Dance and The Power of Love

Girly Bits Cosmetics

  • The Brains: Pam
  • Fun Fact: Pam's daughter is an aspiring recording artist and Pam says she'd hit the road and go on tour with her in a heartbeat! (Her daughter is one to watch! See her YouTube here)
  • The Goods: Original nail polish, glitters, DIY supplies and nail care
  • Available Now: 80's Girl Band Collection (8 shades)
  • What's Next? This is exciting! Pam has created a collection to go along with a feature film being shot in Canada. Look for these polishes soon!!
  • Where to Buy:

Pam from Girly Bits Cosmetics and Me

Glisten & Glow I Love You to the Blue and Back and You've Been Hazed

Glisten & Glow

  • The Brains: Jill
  • Fun Fact: Jill knows Snookie...yup, Jersey Shore Snookie! (this may be my fave fun fact!)
  • The Goods: Hand/nail/body care products and retail of mainstream brands
  • Available Now: 20+ customizable bath and body products, HK Girl Top Coat, Stuck on Blu! Base Coat, OPI, Essie, Orly, China Glaze
  • What's Next? Colors! Glisten & Glow is now producing a lacquer line! I Love You to the Blue and Back and You've Been Hazed are pictured above.
  • Where to Buy:

Katy of Nailed It (blog) and Jill of Glisten & Glow (Photo courtesy of

GlitterDaze Iris of my Eye and High Rollers Club


  • The Brains: Sana
  • Fun Fact: Sana has a heart for animals and wanted to be a vet. (She's so sweet in person - I totally get that caring vibe from her! :)
  • The Goods: Nail lacquers, nail care, a monthly subscription box...she just rebranded the line and it's spectacular
  • Available Now: The Nautical Collection, 10 bright, summery cremes, and the Floral Soiree Collection, 8 glitter crellies
  • What's Next? Nail art products and the 1980's-themed Flashback Collection
  • Where to Buy:

Me and Sana from GlitterDaze

The new GlitterDaze packaging
ILNP Purple Plasma and Rehab

I Love Nail Polish

  • The Brains: Barbra
  • Fun Fact: Barbra's nickname in high school was "The Barbarian" (if you've ever met Barbra, then you know this is the furthest thing from the truth!)
  • The Goods: Original nail lacquers
  • Available Now: Summer 2014 Collection (I swatched the holos here and it's one of those posts I'm really proud of)
  • What's Next? Fall 2014 Collection, which includes 7 holos, 3 chrome holos and a new ultra chrome
  • Where to Buy:

Jaded Nail Co. Vegas Heat

Jaded Nail Co.

  • The Brains: Cara-Jean
  • The Goods: Handcrafted polish, remover, scrubs and bath melts
  • Available Now: Holographic Dream Collection
  • What's Next? Vegas Heat (pictured above) will be available in very limited stock, so hurry! Plus thermal and glow nail stripers.
  • Where to Buy:

Katie from Harlow & Co (e-tailer), Cara-Jean from Jaded Nail Co., Victoria from Serum No. 5, Shannon of Pahlish, Me, LuLu from Elevation Polish and Christian from Polish TBH (Photo courtesy of Serum No. 5)

KBShimmer Shore ThingHexy Bikini and Beach Please


  • The Brains: Christy & Jason
  • Fun Fact: Jason has been in the beauty biz longer than Christy...his dad owned a hair salon! (Jason made a fab bartender at the event too, BTW!)
  • The Goods: Original nail lacquer, nail/body care and nail vinyls
  • Available Now: Summer 2014 Collection...I swatched her early Summer Collection here.
  • What's Next? Anniversary Trio (celebrating 6 years!) and new nail vinyl shapes
  • Where to Buy:

Victoria of Serum No. 5, Pam of Girly Bits and Christy of KBShimmer (Photo courtesy of Serum No. 5)

Misfits on 8th Polish Making Kit

Misfits on 8th

  • The Brains: Natasha
  • The Goods: DIY polish supplies
  • Available Now:  A variety of glitters, suspension bases and franken kits
  • Where to Buy:

Michelle from Ehmkay Nails (blog) and Nancy-lee from Fashion CHICsta (blog) (Photo courtesy of

Model City Red Spinel

Model City Polish

  • The Brains: Nina
  • Fun Fact: Nina is no stranger to entrepreneurship...from a lemonade stand to a jewelry making business...she's done it all!
  • The Goods: Original nail lacquer, glass files and cuticle oils
  • Available Now: The Summer Collection is the latest release with 7 bright shades
  • Where to Buy:

ina from Model City Polish, Jen from Jedi Nails (blog), Victoria from Serum No. 5 and Missi from Different Dimension (Photo courtesy of Serum No. 5)

My World Sparkles

  • The Brains: Elizabeth
  • Fun Fact: Elizabeth is a graduate gemologist (No wonder she likes sparkly stuff!)
  • The Goods: Original nail lacquers
  • Available Now: 13 shades in the core line
  • What's Next? She's thinking of a Goddess themed collection
  • Where to Buy:

Elizabeth and me at the Shine & Social event....her currently available polishes are on her shirt! I look a tad tired here. I'd been awake for  22 hours at this point!

Assorted Nail Vinyls

Nail Vinyls

  • The Brains: Linda
  • The Goods: Nail vinyls, decals and a kit to make your own helmer holo (um...yes, please!)
  • Available Now: Variety of shapes and patterns to use as nail art or nail art stencils
  • What's Next? New designs are constantly in the works, so stay tuned
  • Where to Buy:

Victoria from Serum No. 5, Claudia from Chromatic Misadventures (blog), Katherine from Manicure Addict (blog) and Linda from Nail Vinyls (Photo courtesy of Serum No. 5)

Pahlish Casino Oasis (Cosmoprof blogger exclusive)


  • The Brains: Shannon
  • The Goods: Original nail lacquers
  • Available Now: Brightly Burning Duo and Midsummer Bonfires Collection
  • What's Next? Royal Reverie Collection (Fall)
  • Where to Buy:

Shannon from Pahlish and Me

Polish TBH Midnight

Polish TBH

  • The Brains: Christian
  • Fun Fact: The line was born out of an obsession with the Britney Spears Fantasy line of perfumes. (I'm such a pop culture I totally get it!)
  • The Goods: Original nail lacquer and nail care
  • Available Now: An assortment of glitter bombs, jellies, thermals, glow-in-the-darks and holos - Daigon Alley Collection is the newest collection
  • Where to Buy: and (Sweden)

Christian from Polish TBH and Me

Serum No. 5 Flashing Lights, Off Tropic and Another Year, Let's Cheer

Serum No. 5

  • The Brains: Victoria
  • Fun Fact: Victoria can predict the number and sex of your children with amazing accuracy! But don't deluge her with emails requests - she does it in person using the necklace you're wearing. Crazy, right?
  • The Goods: Original nail lacquers, cuticle oils, nail vinyls (my latest Serum No. 5 swatch is here)
  • Current Collection: Neon Glow-in-the-Dark Collection (in a rainbow of colors)  and  Spring/Summer Tropics Set
  • What's Next? Another Year, Let's Cheer (2-year anniversary shade), nautical-themed nail vinyls
  • Where to Buy:

Victoria of Serum No. 5 and Me
SuperChic Nail Lacquer in Fuchsure Drive Me Insane

SuperChic Lacquer

  • The Brains: Jen
  • Fun Fact: Jen was a flag twirler on her high school drill team. (She's so bubbly and energetic - I bet she could break out the flag today!)
  • The Goods: Custom polish, franken kits, micas, pigments and powders
  • Available Now:  Where Dreams are Born Collection and Gas Light Collection
  • What's Next? Working on a villain themed collection
  • Where to Buy:

Me and Jen from SuperChic Lacquers. Again - I'm feeling a bit sleepy at this point. :/
Sweet Heart Polish Dahlia and Disneyland or Bust

Sweet Heart Polish

  • The Brains: Cassandra
  • The Goods: Original Nail Lacquers
  • Available now: A variety of glitters and holos...$1 from every bottle is donated to an autism charity!
  • Where to Buy:

So there they are! What an amazing few days. Please do me a favor and take the time to follow your favorite indie on social media and leave a comment for them below.

Disclosure: The indie brands that attended this event shared the cost of providing drinks, hor d'oeuvres and samples to bloggers and press in attendance.