CPNA 2014: Everything You Need to Know about Wha's New in Nail Polish

So I had such an amazing trip to Cosmoprof North America and I have so much news to share! I'll be presenting my coverage in a few separate posts. In this post, I'll give you the rundown on all things nail polish. Stay tuned for a post dedicated to gel polish and extended wear systems, a massive indie polish overview, a collection of non-polish things that caught my eye, and a Cosmoprof "diary" that gives you a play-by-play of my trip with some crazy (but totally awesome) gals.


For me, there were a few major lacquer trends that bubbled to the top. For the most part, the Fall collections were fairly predictable with warm colors and metallic accents. What was more surprising was the softer, muted shades for Winter - think pinks, corals and dusty mints (in addition to the glitzy deep holiday shades). I also saw lots of pink/red glitter combos (which I love). Many brands are expanding their number of gel colors that coordinate with shades in their core lacquer lines. (I'll cover the specifics in my gel post.)  I have a ton to show you and I contemplated breaking this up into a few posts; but I decided it would be more fun and convenient to see it all in one I've separated this post into three areas: Mainstream Brands, Emerging Brands and Pro Brands (that are available to consumers). Keep in mind that the lighting on the show floor was really inconsistent...but I did my best.

Mainstream Brands

China Glaze

China Glaze brings us all sorts of new stuff (and most of it I can share!). First up is their collaboration with the feature film, The Giver. There hasn't been much press about this collection. In fact, this was the first I'd heard of it. The movie debuts on August 15th and The Giver Collection will begin shipping soon.

China Glaze The Giver

China Glaze The Giver

Of these shades, The Outer Edge was the most interesting to me. It's a really fine mix of matte white and silver glitters. I'm curious if it's full coverage.
China Glaze The Outer Edge from The Giver Collection

Expect some cozy Fall colors with the All Aboard Collection. I know press of this one sneaked out online, but I think they are much prettier in person. They'll be on the shelves in the September/October timeframe.

China Glaze All Aboard Collection

Loco-Motive is a gunmetal grey glitter and pink highlights.

China Glaze All Aboard Collection

There's also a special set of best selling toppers in the works. The Pop Top Collection includes six blingy glitter toppers. Fairy Dust is a polish collector's staple! You'll recognize the others too.

China Glaze Pop Top Collection

The China Glaze Breast Cancer Awareness set is called Celebrate Courage. It includes three matte finishes which is a nice way to switch up this traditionally pink set. These will be on the shelves in October.

China Glaze Celebrate Courage

China Glaze Celebrate Courage

China Glaze continues their Halloween tradition with Apocalypse of Colour. This six shade special edition collection will also be on shelves in October

China Glaze Apocalypse of Colour Collection

Ghoulish Glow, the glow-in-the-dark topper, makes an encore appearance. I'm most excited about I Love Your Guts and most intrigued with Rest in Pieces. It looks like garbage (in the best possible way). Check out Don't Let the Dead and pink glitter!

China Glaze Apocalypse of Colour Collection

And the most exciting part...I get to share the Holiday Collection! Twinkle will be on shelves in November/December. As usual, there will be lots of convenient gift sets available.

China Glaze Twinkle Collection

China Glaze Twinkle Collection

Meet me Under the Stars is beautiful in person, as is Dancing and PrancingI'd Melt for You has a true mirrored finish and Chillin' with my Snow-mies is a nice way to show snow texture without going over the top (like last year).

China Glaze Twinkle Collection

Color Club

Recall that last year at CPNA, Color Club unveiled plans to rebrand. Now the entire collection has a cohesive, upscale feel. And the entire Forsythe Cosmetics booth (which includes Ruby Wing) was really hip and fun. One interesting tidbit, Color Club Collections will now be seven polishes each. It's an odd decision to me, especially given packaging concerns...but more polish is always better, so I won't complain.

Color Club Summer

The current collection is called Seven Deadly Sins.

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins

Under Your Spell is my personal fave.

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins

Coming soon is the Made in New York Collection, which includes seven shimmers. These will ship to stores in mid-September.

Color Club Made in New York Collection

I've seen the collection which will ship in December, but I'm checking to see if I can share that info yet. If so, then I'll update this post. It's really surprising for the time of year...but very pretty. In addition to the seasonal collections, Color Club will be expanding their Limited Series Micro Batches. The first two were Cookies & Cream and Modern Mosiac. Next up is Fiber Optics, which will ship mid-October.

Color Club Fiber Optics

Color Club unveiled some other nail art products at last year's CPNA (see my post here) and those sets will still be available. This nail art brush set is new. I can't wait to try them. I'm always on the lookout for good nail art brushes.

Color Club Brushes


Per usual, Essie kept all of their latest collections under lock and key. I got a peek though! I also got to talk to Gino Trunzo, Essie educator (and celeb nail tech). He shared some new pro items that I'll tell you about in my pro and gel posts.

Gino Trunzo


The Noubar himself showed me the Nubar World Champions Collection. This eight polish release contained everything you needed to celebrate World Cup! It's always good to have these basic primary colors around - so this is a great set for nail art in general.

Nubar World Cup Collection

Coming soon for Fall is the FALLing in Love Collection. All Nubar polishes are 5-free and vegan.

Nubar Falling in Love Collection

The Support the Cure Breast Cancer Awareness set includes basecoat, topcoat and two pinks.

Nubar Support the Cure

I didn't realize that Nubar has a selection of over 50+ gems. Each are fade resistant and don't bleed color with topcoat.

Nubar Gems


OPI has a room in the meeting area of the show, but not on the show floor. I tried (unsuccessfully) to get an appointment. While nothing new can be shared online yet, I did get a small peek at what's to come and one collection in particular surprised me! When you see it, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!


Orly's current collection is Baked. I loved it as the backdrop for their booth.

Orly Booth

The Fall release is called the Smoky Collection.

Orly Smoky Collection

The Halloween Collection is a trio consisting of a black creme, black shimmer and vibrant orange.

Orly Halloween

Here's another new item which especially caught my eye because I have to be so conservative with my polish at work. It's a BB Creme for the nails! It's a combination treatment/nude nail color and is meant to be worn alone (no base and no topcoat). I can't wait to try it.

Orly BB Cream

The holiday collection is beautiful, but I have to wait to share that one. I'll give you the rundown on the Orly GelFX line in my gel post.

Red Carpet Manicure

Did you know that Red Carpet Manicure has a complete line of nail lacquers? I just learned this a few weeks ago. I stopped by the Red Carpet booth to get the scoop. It's currently available in 52 shades. I haven't tried them. Anyone have any experience they'd like to share? I'll cover their latest gel colors in my upcoming gel post.

Red Carpet Manicure

Ruby Wing

Ruby Wing doesn't have any new collections in the works. The booth featured the Wicked West Collection which launched recently, as well as their four existing collections. The direction of the brand is unclear to me. I wasn't a big fan of the Wicked West Collection, so I suppose we'll wait and see what's next. The booth was very cool though.

Ruby Wing Wicked West


Seche didn't unveil any new collections at the show this year either, choosing instead to focus on their core color shades, topcoat and treatments. I'm curious about the future of Seche's color line. Personally, I love it. But then again, I'm the textbook "Seche Girl".

Seche Core Line

I did learn that my beloved Seche Recondition has been discontinued. The benefits overlap with the Seche Base offering, so it made sense to consolidate. Good to know!

Seche Treatments

Salon Perfect

Salon Perfect didn't unveil any new collections. Their last release was for the fourth of July.

Salon Perfect


Zoya has some exciting stuff in the works! I got to meet with Zoya again and she is absolutely lovely. I also got to see the Transitional, Fall and Winter Collections, but couldn't take pics. But guess what? The press was just released for Zoya Naturals Deux [Zoya shot below]. It's really rich and beautiful. I'll post the complete press release soon and link it here.

Zoya Naturals 2

The Zoya Winter Collection is gorgeous...very consistent with previous Zoya holiday collections...but that news will have to wait a bit longer. There are a few other new surprises in store from Zoya (and not all polish related)! All will be revealed before the end of the 2014.

Emerging Brands


Bernadette was completely new to me before attending the show. I stalked the booth quite a bit, but didn't have the opportunity to talk to her first-hand.  She's a celebrity nail artist who launched her own line of nail care and color meant for the price conscious fashionista. The color range is fun and there was a lot of buzz about the polish remover among the bloggers! Wipe Out is odorless, non-acetone, moisturizing AND was an Oprah's Favorite Pick. [photos courtesy of Chalkboard Nails]

Bernadette Thompson Wipe Out

The B polishes are a higher end luxury line.

Bernadette Thompson

House of Holland

House of Holland is a high-end, British-based design house led by Henry Holland. Henry has created a special collection of nails with really unique designs that can be applied with glue for a more permanent fixture or sticky tabs for less commitment.

House of Holland

I was surprised that these were the only full nails at the show. Check out all of the designs here. I stopped by the booth with Alanna of The Polished Girlz and she fawned all over them. She's so trendy...these are right up her alley.

House of Holland


Londontown makes the kur Nail Treatment System and lakur Enhanced Colour line. The kur system includes: Nail Hardener, Restorative Nail Cream, Nourishing Cuticle Oil, Protective Top Coat and Strengthening Lacquer Remover. It's pricey ($125), but not so bad when you add up the cost of five high-end products. Products can be purchased separately, as well. I got to talk to Natasha Dillon, the founder, and she was really enthusiastic about the line's natural ingredients and benefits. Has anyone tried the kur system?

Londontown Lakure

lakur Enhanced Colour polishes are also formulated with vitamins and nourishing botanicals. All Londontown products are 5-free, non-toxic, vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

Londontown Lakure


My trip to the LVX booth was a highlight. I got to meet Branka and Rade, the brother/sister team behind the brand. LVX collections are designed around fashion trends with a luxurious, yet socially responsible formula. Each collection is inspired by the hottest trends by "studying thousands of runway presentations from renowned designers."  Here is the most recent release.

LVX Summer Collection

The 2014 Winter Resort Collection includes a great range of classy cremes. LVX has also released a gel topcoat. I got to test it while at the show and it does deliver a super shiny gel-like finish.

LVX Winter Resort Collection


MoYou currently has 18 stamping polishes and expects to release new stamping plates each season. I was really impressed with how easily the images transferred. And even more impressed to see stamping polishes which aren't just standard primary colors. I got a sample set, so you'll see them on the blog at some point.


Mundial Impala

Mundial Impala is a Brazilian brand that just launched in the US. The Mundial company's personal care products and Impala nail lacquers are available in over 70 countries. The Fall/Winter 2014 release is called the Romantic Collection. For some reason, when something is labeled "romantic", I think "light" and "soft", but as a whole, this collection is pretty rich and deep. I didn't get to talk to anyone at this booth, but I did see the collection. Below is an Impala image.

Mundial Impala Romantic Collection

Pro Brands

These polishes are marketed to professional nail technicians for salon use, but each are available direct to consumers.


Cuccio is fast becoming a favorite of mine (have you tried their body butters?!). Consumers can purchase Cuccio at bebeautiful.comCuccio Colour (nail lacquers) coordinate with their gel polishes, called Cuccio Colour Veneer. Their Limited Edition Fall-Winter 2014 release is the Cafe Cuccio Collection. I thought these shades were really beautiful - individually, and as a set. My pic is a little washed out.

Cafe Cuccio

Cafe Cuccio

New Limited Edition Pop Your Polish sets make choosing an accent nail easy with a creme shade and coordinating glitter.

Cuccio Pop Your Polish

Now this is a super sneak peak. The Spring Collection called Love Letters, won't be available until February 2015. It includes eight really pretty and soft pastels.

Cuccio Love Letters


IBD's traditional  and soak off gel systems are widely used by pros. However, they have an extensive lacquer line (which matches their gel polishes). A limited selection of their regular polish is available here. Their next collection is called Floral Metric and it will be available next month.

IBD Floral Metric

IBD Floral Metric

In September, IBD will launch the Neo-Romantique Collection. The lighting isn't very good in my pic. The colors are rich, but bright.

IBD Neo Romantique

Here's another example of a red/pink combo. Eu-phor-a-Kiss (in the back row in the pic above) has multi-sized matte bar glitters in a clear base.

IBD Neo Romantique

This isn't nail polish necessarily, but IBD showed one of the most intriguing nail "things" of the show - soft touch silicone brushes. They come in three shapes: taper point, cup chisel and flat chisel and would be perfect for nail art and clean up. I can't wait to try them. I'm sure the taper point will be great as a dotting tool, but I'm curious how it will do for lines. The cup chisel fits perfectly into the sidewall of the nail to clean up flooded polish.

IBD Soft Touch Silicone Brushes

IBD Soft Touch Silicone Brushes

JESSICA Cosmetics

JESSICA Cosmetics recently remodeled their entire website, making it easier for anyone to purchase online. ( I love the JESSICA formula. I stopped by their booth and got to talk about their products in detail, but didn't get any pics! (That just goes to show you how busy and frazzled you can get at the show).  The image below is courtesy of Beauty Judy. The Fall collection is called Autumn in New York. I've worn the red-orange shade, Broadway Bound, for days!

JESSICA Autumn in New York

I got to see some prototypes of new stuff their working on. They have some interesting glitters in the works which will be additions to their Glitzy Effects Line.

Morgan Taylor

Morgan Taylor (can be purchased at probably has the greatest surprise on the horizon. All visitors to the booth had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). It's definitely exciting! The Fall Collection press is already out. Here's is The Enchantment Collection.

Morgan Taylor Enchantment Collection

Morgan Taylor Enchantment Collection

The Halloween Collection is a simple trio. It includes a dark black, Little Black Dress, a super punchy red/orange called Orange Crush and the Make it Last topcoat. This ships August 1st.

Morgan Taylor Halloween Collection

Here's the Breast Cancer Awareness set. Fight Like a Lady includes three pretty cremes and one glitter bomb.

Morgan Taylor Fight Like a Lady Collection

I got to see the winter and holiday collections too (WOW) but I can't share them yet.

So there it is...all things nail polish! Anything surprise you? Anything stand out? Good or bad? I love the summer, but I get excited for this time of year because the polish world changes direction. I have reminders set up in my calender to share the winter/holiday news as soon as I'm able.