NEW A-England Beauties: Hurt No Living Thing and Excalibur Renaissance Swatches and Review

Waaay back in the olden days, when my nail polish obsession first began, my sister (who was much better versed in the world of indies than me) surprised me with my first two bottles of a-england. In fact, you can read a post I wrote that very day here. (Too funny. Does anyone else cringe when they read their early blog posts?) Anyway, I've been a huge fan of a-england ever since. So imagine my starstruck-ness when I got a message from Adina Bodana herself asking if I'd like to swatch her two latest polishes. Um...YES! I have to warn you - my swatches don't do these justice. Sometimes my dear Canon just will not cooperate!

First up is Excalibur Renaissance, the newest addition to the Mythicals Collection. It's a platinum-silver shade in a seriously metallic finish. The formula was excellent. I could have stopped at one coat, but I used two for my swatch below. I tested it out and this polish makes an EXCELLENT silver stamping polish.

A-England Excalibur Renaissance

The second new shade joins the Heavenly Quotes Collection. In the bottle, Hurt No Living Thing looks like a warm gray that glimmers with mauve-y pink. It's fairly sheer on the nail and used alone it has a very delicate look. I'm growing out some staining (eeeeck) so I used four coats for the swatch below. If you had spotless natural nails, you could use just one coat for a wash of shimmer.

A-England Hurt No Living Thing

Hurt No Living Thing is great over other colors too as a special effects topcoat. I tried it over my all time fave a-england, Galahad.  Here's Galahad under the same lighting for comparison. I LOVE polishing with Galahad because it's so perfectly creamy.

A-England Galahad

And here is Hurt No Living Thing over Galahad. It really transforms the color and gives it some dimension. It will be fun to try it over other shades as well.

A-England Hurt No Living Thing over Galahad

Excalibur Renaissance and Hurt No Living Thing are two great additions to the a-england line-up. Adina has such a high quality product that is always unique. There are actually many a-englands make my list of all time favorites (Perceval, be still my heart)!
Excalibur Renaissance and Hurt No Living Thing are available now for $10USD each. Visit the a-england website to shop if you're in the UK or check out the Where to Buy page for stockists worldwide. (Most of the US indie sellers, such as Llarowe, carry the line.) Follow a-england on facebooktwitter and instagram for news and promotions.


  1. As little of a fan as I am of top coats like Hurt No Living Thing, it's super pretty layered in your photo over Galahad. Very nice swatches, as always!

  2. I rarely wear metallics - too brushstroke-y for me. When I do wear them I can't help but top them with a coat of glitter. I sure love that glimmer going on in Hurt No Living Thing, both on its own and as a topcoat. By your pics you'd never know you were - eeeeck - growing out some staining lol. You should see my nails under the polish.

  3. I really need to get some A-England polish - it's a brand that's high on the want list but I have yet to indulge in ordering some. Galahad looks gorgeous and I love the transformation Hurt No Living Thing gives it.

  4. That combination with Galahad is pretty!

  5. Galahad looks gorgeous - by itself and with Hurt No Living Thing over it. A-England is one of the brands I've been wanting to try out for ages but haven't been able to indulge in yet.

  6. Hurt No Living Thing looks beautiful for a sweet neutral nail. Love it!


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