Glitter Gal Blooming Babes Collection Swatches and Review

 press sample 
Today I have swatches of the brand new Glitter Gal Blooming Babes Collection. It includes four smooth cremes, a holo and a re-introduced Gloss Boss top coat. When I think Glitter Gal, I think of holos. So it was nice to try some of their cremes! I struggled to capture some of these shades (greens and pastels always give me trouble!) I tried to make the polish colors as true as I could...even if my skin tone is off. Let's get started.

This is Mozzie Bite, a deep magenta pink creme. I love shades like this in a creme formula. It went on nicely in two, easy coats.

Glitter Gal Bezzie Mate

Bikini Babe is a delicate pastel pink creme. I like that it's opaque, but not chalky. It was a little streaky on the first coat, but perfect in two. Very pretty.

Glitter Gal Bikini Babe

Good On Ya is a super soft, but bright green creme. My camera is notoriously bad at photographing greens. This color is unique because it's so light, yet almost neon at the same time! I used three thin coats.

Glitter Gal Good on Ya

Nuddy Nude is a cool putty creme. It's so clean looking. And it's completely opaque (so a great option for stained nails). The formula was awesome. This is two coats.

Glitter Gal Nuddy Nude

And the final color is Love Bite. It's a beautiful fire red that leans a little pink with a nice linear holo. Wow! Normally my lighting setup doesn't highlight holo well...but no problem here! My swatch is two coats (and no topcoat).

Glitter Gal Love Bite

I didn't receive a new bottle of Gloss Boss I'm not sure if the formulation has changed at all. I used the original version to topcoat all four cremes above and it truly adds an amazing, gel-like finish which I love. However, in my previous experience (read it here), it dulled the effect of holo polishes (which is why I left Love Bite topcoat-less). Maybe the new version is better now. Let me know if you've tried it.

I gotta tell boring as it sounds, Nuddy Nude is my fave! What's yours?

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