NCLA Jet Setter Collection Swatches and Review

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a productive weekend. I spent all of Saturday as a spectator at the my daughter's first track meet of the season. And Sunday I spent futzing with my new camera lens (and my taxes). Today's pretties are the four polishes in the NCLA Jet Setter Collection. These lacquers are packaged in special NCLA 40's steamer trunk themed boxes and my samples arrived with a boarding pass. How fun is that?

NCLA describes Mile High Glam as a bright bubblegum pink. I can't do any better; the description is dead-on. It's a fun smooth creme with a great formula. I used two coats.

NCLA Mile High Glam from the Jet Setter Collection

Next up is Let's Stay Forever, a clear, light blue. This one had a slightly runny formula, but was even and opaque in three coats.

NCLA Let's Stay Forever from the Jet Setter Collection

I Only Fly Private is a bright, but soft, melon orange. It leans slightly coral and is beautiful for summer. I used one thin coat and one generous coat.

NCLA I Only Fly Private from the Jet Setter Collection

And finally, this is Clear the Runway, a deep, Bordeaux red. This is unexpected for the season, but it works with the other three. There were a few thin spots after two coats, so I finished with a third. You could probably do it in two with careful application.

NCLA Clear the Runway from the Jet Setter Collection

I'm a big fan of NCLA...especially all the thought that goes into their small collections (always only 4 polishes and I love that!). The first three colors are pretty standard for what we're seeing released for this season. But I love the shades as staples and it's good to have them available from several brands so you have some choice on price point and formula. NCLA is pricey at $16, but they run very frequent be sure you're subscribed to their newsletter. All swatches are finished with NCLA Gloss It! topcoat.
NCLA Jet Setter Collection nail lacquers retail for $16USD each (15ML) and Gloss It! retails for $11USD. These are available now at and in select retail locations. For news and promotions, follow NCLA on facebooktwitter, and instagram.


  1. For some reason Let's Stay Forever is the one that catches my eye. I'm not sure what it is about it, but I had to scroll up and look at it again! :-D

  2. All the colors are beautiful but the bubblegum pink & coral colors are my favorites!!

  3. Nice colors. I Only fly private and Clear the runway are my favorites. I've only tried two polishes from NCLA but those were very good.

  4. The pink and the peach colors are gorgeous on you! Amazing photos!

  5. WOW - your swatches, nails and photos are absolutely gorgeous! >Seriously<

    I know I've seen that pink so many times this Spring, but for some reason, Mile High Glam is calling out to me! hahah, Maybe it's because it's so beautiful on your nails. I want it! (that, or your nails, lol)


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