Polished by KPT March into Spring Collection Swatches and Review

 press sample 
It's Friday and I survived! This was my second full week back at work and I'm seriously exhausted! Hopefully I'll be operating at 100% soon. Today's polishes certainly make me feel better! :) Polished by KPT's March into Spring Collection includes five beautiful, cheery, color changing thermals.

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I'll start with my fave. Inspired by the cherry blossom, Blossoming is a soft pink when warm that changes to a vibrant reddish-pink when cold. It's filled with small iridescent flakes and glitters that reflect a golden shimmer. I used three coats.

Polished by KPT Blossoming from the March into Spring Collection (2014)

Hyacinth is a periwinkle blue filled with really fine sparkly glitters. It's more purple in person. When cold, it changes to a stunning, bright, clean blue. I love this! Two coats here.

Polished by KPT Hyacinth from the March into Spring Collection (2014)

Don't be Ranunculus was inspired by the pink ranunculus flower. When warm, it's a nude pink (you can see it on my thumbnail in the pic below). It's filled with teeny flakes and subtle pink and red shimmer. When cold, it transitions to a deeper cranberry pink. My "default" shade was somewhere in a medium mauve. This captures the flower so well! My swatch is two coats.

Polished by KPT Don't Be Ranunculus from the March into Spring Collection (2014)

Let's Get Peachy was inspired by "peach fruit and sunshine". When warm, it's a muted, yellow-leaning peach. When cold, it's more of a vibrant mustard yellow shade. This one had the most subtle color change and my frozen fingers had trouble keeping it warm. LOL. As a result, my swatch is fairly bright overall. I don't think this color is the best on me, but it would be awesome with a warmer skin tone. I used two coats, but could have gone for a third.

Polished by KPT Let's Get Peachy from the March into Spring Collection (2014)

And last but not least, Love in Bloom goes from pretty pink (warm) to medium lavendar (cold). It's also packed with micro flakes, but they're hard to see in my pic. The transition is really beautiful!

Polished by KPT Love in Bloom from the March into Spring Collection (2014)

For each swatch, I ran my nails under warm water, then dipped the tips into cool water.  I'm naturally a cold person (just ask my poor husband) so it was a race to show you the warm version of each shade. If your nails are a little longer than my shorties, you'll get a nice gradient effect as your body heat warms the nail bed and the air cools the tip that extends beyond the finger. All polishes dried to a matte finish and were topped with G&G HK Girl topcoat.

All five polishes had a great formula and were a cinch to apply. Katherine, the brains behind Polished by KPT, is such a talented polish-maker and one of the sweetest gals in the biz.

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