Color Club Safari Garden Collection Swatches and Review

Happy Monday! Better late than never! So I have more spring polish today. Remember last summer when I showed you Color Club's rebranding plans (post here)? Well I'd almost forgotten about it! Then the Spring Safari Garden Collection arrives and there it is! I think the new logo and white caps give the line a more sophisticated look. Which certainly matches the colors in this release. They're an edgy, refined mix for a springtime release.

Nail-Robi is a dark, smooth purple creme. It's not exactly what you'd expect for spring, but I love it. The formula is super consistent and easy to apply. I used two coats.

Color Club Nail-Robi

Lion's Den is a shimmery mix of warm coppery gold and a flash of pink. The formula is a little sheer. I used three coats for full coverage.

Color Club Lion's Den

Look, Don't Tusk is a soft, ivory creme. I really like this one. I had trouble capturing it. I have whites that lean grey or beige, but nothing truly ivory. Good formula. My swatch is two coats.

Color Club Look Don't Tusk

Safari Sunset has a peach base with a golden shimmer. It's a little brushstrokey, but goes on smoothly. I don't love this with my skintone, but it's a nice twist on nude.

Color Club Safari Sunset

In De-Nile (how clever is that name?) is a smooth, pastel blue creme. It's probably the most expected shade for Spring, but I love it! The formula was really nice. This is two coats.

Color Club In De-Nile

And finally, Tribe and True is a yellow-toned green a swamp green. LOL. This one isn't for me, but I can see some good nail art applications for it. The application was smooth (two coats), so if you like this shade, then Tribe and True is a good choice.

Color Club Tribe and True

Nail-Robi and Lion's Den are my picks from this bunch. What about you? And what do you think about the new Color Club branding?

Color Club Safari Garden Collection (Spring 2014)
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  1. Some great shades here! Its nice.

  2. Beautiful swatches. I like the new look of the bottles.

  3. I'm a bit sad about the rebranding, I don't really like it (especially the white font!), and it doesn't look more sophisticated to me :S But I do like the color of Lions Den :)

  4. Besides for Nail-Robi and Tribe and True, I think these would all look their best mattefied.

  5. All of these look fantastic.. I do really like Tribe and True though.

  6. Gorgeous swatches as always!

  7. I really like these colors! Especially because most of my polishes are glittery, and I really need to start building up some solid creme colors. Do you know if these are 3-free?

  8. Fabulous colors and swatches. I especially like Nail-Robi; gorgeous blue/purple! My immediate reaction to the new branding was negative, but I know people don't embrace change easily so I will keep an open mind. Besides, it's a done deal!

  9. Ohhh! I love the gold and the swampy green!

  10. I have to have that ivory pretty! The green reminds me of Zoya Shawn in crelly form. It would look great with some bronze sparkle as an ascent nail or nail art. I don't usually like it when logos change...I'm one of those that doesn't like too much change...but in this case I really like the change. The new logo is modern and classy at the same time. Great logo design IMO. :)

  11. I really want this collection! I know you aren't fond of that ugly/pretty green...but I just love it!

  12. Emily, Color Club is a 3-free brand. Good luck creme collecting!

  13. Great, thank you so much!


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