Azature Sky and Cobalt Diamond

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a great week. Today I have two pretties from Azature, the luxury nail brand made famous by their $250,000 and $1,000,000 bottles of polish. Azature's "regular" line is definitely more affordable ($25 each...which is still a splurge) and comes with a no-kidding black diamond in every bottle! I snazzed up my swatches of Sky Diamond and Cobalt Diamond with a diamond-patterned accent nail (of course!).

Cobalt Diamond is from the Winter 2013 release. It's a deep, rich blue shimmer. The formula on this one is amazing...really smooth and creamy. Apply and remove it carefully though. This has smurf cuticle potential! I'd definitely wear a base coat too.

Azature Cobalt Diamond

As the name suggests, Sky Diamond is a soft sky blue. The base is slightly frosty and loaded with ultra-fine blue glitters. The formula is a little sheer. I used three coats with a little VNL still showing in some light. Like all Azature glitters I've tried, the finish is crazy twinkly in the sunlight and my indoor shot doesn't do it justice!

Azature Sky Diamond

I started with tape to create the accent nail, but ended up doing some freehand touch-up so the diamonds lined up. Both manis are finished with one coat of G&G HK Girl topcoat. So what are your thoughts? If I'm going to spend big money on a polish, I'll usually reach for a Dior. But there are some special Azatures that are certainly worth the indulgence. Plus, they make a great gift. (How often can you say you gave someone a diamond!)
Azature Sky Diamond and Cobalt Diamond are available now. Azature polish retails for $25USD and is available on HSN and at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols Saudi Arabia, and Ron Robinson. Keep up with Azature releases and promotions on the web, facebook, twitter and YouTube.


  1. They are definitely pretty but I cannot afford that hahaha

  2. That blue!!! Aaaarck, I love it! Like your accent nail also!

  3. These polishes are gorgeous but I don't think I'd spend that much on them!

  4. Both of these look stunning! And I looooove that diamond accent nail - makes your nails look even slimmer and longer ♥

  5. amazing color. The blue one is amazing!


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