Zoya Naturel Collection Swatch and Review

 press sample 
So the original mission of was to present work-appropriate looks along with more envelope-pushing swatches and nail art. But I soon realized that showing you the same swatch of Zoya Addison and Farah (literally the two shades I'll apply for work each morning) didn't make an interesting blog. Can I tell you that I literally screamed out loud when I saw the new Zoya Naturel Collection (original press release here)!! The simplicity of these soft, creme shades speak to me. And in many ways this collection is more exciting than the rainbowiest holos or blingiest glitters. I LOVE it! And as I've come to expect, the formula was flawless for each and every swatch! Let's go through the swatches from light to dark.

Chantal is your basic nude creme. Zoya calls it "French Vanilla" which is a perfect description. This is the only one where I used a third coat.

Zoya Chantal from the Naturel Collection

Taylor is a touch browner than Chantal...but it has the same intensity. I know it's hard to tell much of a difference in my pics. In my opinion, if you look better in warmer tones, go with Chantal. If cooler colors are better with your skin tone, then go with Taylor. Both are gorgeous.

Zoya Taylor from the Naturel Collection

Rue adds a touch of pink blush. Oh how I love this one! My absolute fave of the bunch and PERFECT for work.

Zoya Rue from the Naturel Collection

Brigitte adds some creamy mauve to the mix. But not too much. The effect is still very soft and subtle.

Zoya Brigitte from the Naturel Collection

Odette has a little more spunk. The added pink gives it a more purple finish.

Zoya Odette from the Naturel Collection

And finally, Normani adds brown to Odette to create a more sable shade. I'm swooning over this one too.

Zoya Normani from the Naturel Collection

Each swatch is over one coat of Zoya Get Even ridge filling base coat (one of my resolutions is to use a base more consistently!) I used two coats of color (except for Chantal) followed by one coat of Zoya Armor top coat. The formula is perfect creaminess. I can't say enough how much I love this collection. It's the right colors at the right time. These polishes have even made their way to the coveted downstairs cabinet. This is where the "good" polishes go that I can brush on before work in the morning. Thank you, Zoya, for adding some variety to my pathetic office cabinet!

The Zoya Naturel Collection retails for $9.00 each (US). They’re available at, select stores and spas and in ULTA beauty stores (not online). Zoya offers frequent promotions, so be sure to follow their Facebook to get the scoop!