NEW Sally Hansen Triple Shine Line Swatches

 press sample 
It's almost the weekend! Sheeeeew! It couldn't have come fast enough. I've had a crazy week. Today I have some swatches of Sally Hansen's new Triple Shine line PLUS some awesome news about Sally Hansen and the Polished Girlz! First I'll give you a peek at the polish...and then I'll jump into the news!

Sally Hansen and The Polished Girlz

If you followed my Blogging for a Cause Guest Post Series to benefit the Polished Girlz last month, then you know all about 13-year-old Alanna and her amazing charity that brings sparkle to the lives of terminally ill and hospitalized children with nail art parties, while educating on the importance of hand washing to reduce infection rates. I'm very involved in the organization and was beyond thrilled when 25 of some of the most revered nail artists and bloggers ON THE PLANET agreed to participate to help raise money for, and bring awareness to, this cause (see the wrap up post HERE if you missed it).  If this series has even the slightest, teeniest part in bringing future opportunities their way, then we have MORE than accomplished our objective!

So this past Monday, the Polished Girlz announced their partnership with Sally Hansen for New York Fashion Week (NYFW) next month!!!

"Alanna will serve to showcase the remarkable colors and tools of the Sally Hansen brand as she creates the complete nail look for the Raul Peneranda NYFW presentation. This presentation will include rich blues, stunning blacks and amazing shades of gold. Alanna is also proud to showcase her beautiful 3D art using natural stone, crystals and coppers to accent the beautiful designs. We could not be more honored to serve as part of the Sally Hansen Family for the 2014 NYFW Showcase. For more information on our Collaborating Partners, Sally Hansen, please visit, Designer Raul Penaranda, please visit, Makeup/Beauty Department Lead, Josephine Fusco, please visit, and 13 year old Nail Team Lead and Polished Girlz Founder Alanna Wall on" [Polished Girlz Statement]

Is that exciting or what?! And this is no simple honorary assignment either. Alanna will no-kidding be the Nail Lead for the show, designing the nail looks (she'll be using Sally Hansen Bold Gold, Silk Onyx, Blue My Mind and Go Gold), as well as directing a team of nail artists to help her execute the work. Alanna is so humble and it makes me even prouder of her. She loves participating in events, but her heart is with the patients...and she knows these amazing opportunities will ultimately help the organization reach more clients across the globe. I have a feeling this is the start of something wonderful. ;)  Thank you, Sally Hansen!

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Swatches and Review

Now to the swatches! Sally Hansen recently released a new line of nail color called Triple Shine. Sally Hansen says this line's "innovative formula features a one-of-a-kind Ultimate Shield Complex, designed to help polish withstand the wear and tear of everyday living." I sound like a broken record, but I must repeat this every time. It's impossible for me to road test polish for wear time. There's just too much polish to swatch and too few hours! But I CAN test polish for application and appearance. So today I have five polishes from the Triple Shine line in a few finishes to show you. All swatches are finished with Sally Hansen Triple Shine Top Coat.

Vanity Flare is a creamy, bright, medium purple. The formula was excellent and the shine is amazing even before topcoat. My swatch is two coats.

ally Hansen Triple Shine Vanity Flair

This next one is called Ree-Raf on the Sally Hansen site, but my bottle said Reef-Raf (which makes a little more sense to me.) It's a summery, medium, coral-pink creme. This is two coats.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Ree-Raf

Oyster Bar is a silver metallic. Like most metallics, it did show brush strokes...but it was minimal and the shade of silver is really clean. This is also two coats.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Oyster Bar

Now for some glitters. Sparks Fly has both blue and silver micro-glitters and hexes in a clear base. The glitter load is fairly dense. My swatch is one coat over Vanity Flare.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Sparks Fly

And finally, this is Twinkled Pink over Ree-Raf. It has pink hexes and goldish-pink microglitter in a very sheer pink base. My swatch is one coat. I love the rose-gold in this. It would be beautiful over black!

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Twinkled Pink

Aren't they pretty? Has anyone tried them? What can you tell me about wear time? I've read good reviews so far.

The Sally Hansen Triple Shine line comes in 29 shades. It's available now at chain drug stores and mass retailers nationally. Each polish retails for $4.99. For more information, visit and follow them on facebook, twitter and instagram for news and promotions. And be sure to follow the Polished Girlz on instagram as Alanna shares her experience at NYFW!