Glitter Gal Gloss Boss and Galaxy Top Coats Comparison and Review

Happy Hump Day! Today I have two new topcoats by Anna and Kerry, the brains behind Glitter Gal. This Australian-based indie produces some of the most stunning holos. Today I have two of their brand new topcoats, Gloss Boss and Galaxy Holo. Glitter Gal deems Gloss Boss "a high impact gloss top coat with a gel like finish" which "will boost even holo finishes". Galaxy Holo is a sparkly holographic topcoat. I wanted to test drive these two over a variety of colors and finishes so I'm going to do something a little different for this post. In each three-finger swatch I've left my ring finger without topcoat, used Gloss Boss on the middle finger, and Galaxy Holo + Gloss Boss on my pointer.

This is Glitter Gal Crushed Ego, a beautiful, deep, eggplant purple holo. Wow. Gloss Boss really enhanced the color! It doesn't even look like the same polish! Granted, any clear topper will deepen this shade...but Gloss Boss made a significant change. Unfortunately, it really muted the holo in the polish...even though I waited the recommended two minutes for the effect to be enhanced. However, some of the rainbowy finish of Galaxy Holo survived.

Glitter Gal Gloss Boss and Galaxy Holo Top Coats

For my creme, I chose Dior Graphic Berry (because it's one of my fave polishes EVER and I wanted an excuse to use it!) Diors are "naturally" shiny, but Gloss Boss shined it up even more. I really like the twinkly effect of Galaxy Holo on top. That's a beautiful combo, isn't it?

Glitter Gal Gloss Boss and Galaxy Holo Top Coats

Lastly, I tested the top coats over a shimmery metallic base. This is Chanel Bel Argus, a killer blue. You can't tell in my pic, but Gloss Boss really "sealed" the color and eliminated some of the brush-stroky look. Galaxy Holo looks amazing over this blue! I used two coats this time.

Glitter Gal Gloss Boss and Galaxy Holo Top Coats

The verdict? The Gloss Boss formula glides on silky smooth and gel-like for a super shiny finish. And don't get me started on the brush! I prefer narrower brushes for applying color, but nice, supple wider brushes for topcoat. The Gloss Boss brush is perfect! I was really disappointed that it seemed to snuff out the holo so much. Even still, it's a fantastic thick, smooth topcoat (it would be great over glitters!) And Galaxy Holo is a fun way to snazz up any color. I would go with two coats for the best effect.

Glitter Gal also just released a line of 12 high-gloss cremes, so go check those out. What do you think of these? Any one else tried them?
These topcoats retail for $11.95. GlitterGal polishes are 5-free and can be purchased by US, Canada and South America shoppers here. They're also carried by several of your favorite US and Canadian stockiest. Visit their store locator page for links. All Glitter Gal Australia polish formulas are now available in 10ml bottle sizes. To keep up with new releases and promotions, be sure to follow GlitterGal on facebook and twitter!


  1. Great swatches as always, love the pictures and Galaxy Holo is stunning! xx

  2. Very pretty swatches! It's too bad gloss boss muted the holo on Crushed Ego. Does every top coat do that to that particular holo have you noticed?

    I really dig the scattered holo top coat. Looks like it could make every polish my favorite polish. :D


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