Blogging for a Cause: Mucking Fusser for Polished Girlz

This next poster is the MASTER of water seriously. If any of you have tried (and repeatedly failed like me) to successfully execute a water marble nail art look, then you know the skill it takes to produce perfect results time and time again. Corynn of Mucking Fusser is amazing! She actually lives in Ohio with me, so I've contemplated kidnapping her for a day so she can give me a one-on-one tutorial! Well this series wouldn't have been complete without her. Thank you, Corynn, for taking part.

Corynn's beautiful water marbled mani means another $10 from me to the Polished Girlz!  If this is the first post you've read in the WPP "Blogging for a Cause" Guest Post Series...pop over to the intro post here to see what an amazing organization each of these bloggers are supporting with their participation.

Corynn from Mucking Fusser

Greetings and Happy New Year fellow polish feens and WPP readers! My name is Corynn Musser from Mucking Fusser and I am so thrilled to be sharing my work with you all today! When Leslie extended this oh so gracious offer to me I did a little dance it was just such an exciting occurrence. I envy her amazing skills and the never-ending perfection she dishes out daily!

If you are new to the world of Mucking Fusser then you should know I love to water marble. Like really really love it. I can for sure blame it for my endless love of nail polish and art. Last Year around this time I was just really getting into nail polish and marbling my nails. It is quite crazy how much has happened in this past year and I am so grateful for it all! With it being so close to my 'one year anniversary' and the New Year I figured I would recreate an older manicure of mine.

Using Julep 'Eileen' and Cult Nails 'Blackout' for the water marble and then adding Zoya 'Gilty' I recreated the manicure above on the left, quite perfect for the New Year I must say. These happen to be the exact same colors I used ten months ago. Looking at them together I feel like the biggest differences are the lighting and nail shape but the marble almost looks more uniform on the old one. This may have been due to the julep color being a little tacky or me just not being on my game! Either way anytime you use Zoya's Gilty your nails look fab. I mean 18k gold topcoat, you can't ask for much more.

Now for something I have never added to any of my posts but is quite interesting and I think might be something I do more often. Before I ever marble any of my nails I go through a process of trial and error. Trying many different combos out on a swatch stick helps in finding the best marble design. Black and white are kind of hard to marble with as they tend to blend into one another so I had to test out a couple before I realized I should just use the same colors as I did before, I think I just like marbling a lot. All these brands work for marbling, in certain combos that is. I love how these got better as I progressed.

  1. Cult Nails (Tempest & Nevermore)- some of the lines come out defined but these just blended together
  2. Zoya (Purity & Raven)- these colors were a little two watery together hence the bubble like finish
  3. Sally Hansen- (White On & Black Out) this combo was very close to working but when on the stick the white blended into the black
  4. LVX (Fantom & Livid)- These colors didn't blend together but were hard to maneuver in the water
  5. Wet N' Wild (French White & Black)- these colors also didn't blend together and but were hard to maneuver
  6. Julep & Cult Nails (Eileen & Blackout)- worked together well because Blackout is actually a darkened grey creme; you may have noticed this as the marble does not look solid black on my nails

These really are some great New Years nails. What better way to bring in the New Year with some golden glitz! The boyfriend got me Zoya's Gilty Pleasures trio for Valentines day this year and that is what inspired this manicure in the first place. I hadn't used Zoya's Gilty since then for some reason but doing this manicure all over again is giving me some ideas for other marble combos to go with it.

I hope you enjoyed this manicure and my little tidbit on trial and error!  Thank you so so much Leslie for letting me share my work and words with you all! I am also very happy to be helping out the Polished Girlz as it is such an amazing organization!

Happy New Year!

If you're fond of marbling and the occasional swatch then check her out!
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