EXCLUSIVE! Coming Soon...New Pure Ice Salon Station Treatments!

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It's Thanksgiving Eve in the US and I have some awesome exclusive news!  In January, Pure Ice will be launching Salon Station Nail Treatments. The collection includes four "hardcore" treatments: basecoat/ridgefiller, quick dry topcoat, nail strengthener, and 3-in-1 coat...all at Pure Ice's ridiculously affordable price point of $1.99. Pure Ice sent me the Salon Station Treatments a month ago so I'd have ample time to test drive them before making the announcement. Because I change my polish so much, it's truly difficult for me to test the efficacy of nail treatments. But I did my best! So now I've finished my completely non-scientific assessment and I'm happy to share my results.

Pure Ice Salon Station Treatments

For each of the four treatments, I'll give you the official description from Pure Ice, as well as my experience. Let's get started!

Pure Ice Salon Station Treatments

  • Strengthening and protective base coat
  • Smoothes nail surface, fills ridges and masks imperfections
  • Formaldehyde, toluene and DBP free.

My thoughts: I made it habit for the last few weeks to use Bottom Line under my swatches and nail art (most of the posts since 30 October have Bottom Line as a base). I can't attest for how the treatment improves polish adhesion or prolongs wear time since I didn't have polish on long enough. But Bottom Line did perform in the other two areas that I look for in a good base coat. It prevented staining and it smoothed out the surface of the nail. The formula spread easily and dried quickly.

GIRL ON THE RUN Quick Dry Formula

  • Fast acting complex sets nail color quickly
  • Creates a hard protective surface and brilliant shine
  • Locks in vibrant color
  • Seals and protects nails from chipping

My thoughts: I was definitely most excited to try this one. If you're a polish addict, then surely you go through loads of topcoat! And quick dry is a must for tape manis and stamping. In the pic below, I polished a variety of finishes and topcoated each with one coat of Girl On The Run. I like the formula. It's smooth and clear and spreads easily. I've used some drugstore top coats that will actually leave brushstrokes! But not here. The finish is spotless. Dry time was faster than a non quick-dry topcoat, but not as fast as some of the more expensive options on the market. Again, I can't vouch for how this treatment improves wear time. My only real complaint is the finish isn't quite as in-your-face, light-reflecting glossy as I love. It definitely gives you a shiny finish...just not AS shiny as possible (for cremes especially). But you can see in my pic that it's great for shimmers and foils that don't reflect a "sharp" shine anyway and perfectly adequate for cremes and over glitters.

BUH BYE BREAKUPS Nail Protector 

  • Encourages healthy nail growth
  • Quick-drying and long lasting
  • Can be used as a base or top coat
  • Nails look and feel noticeably longer and stronger in just a few weeks.

My thoughts: As many of you know, I work in a very conservative office. So each night I have to remove my polish and put on something neutral in the morning. (UGH!) To test Buh Bye Breakups, I polished one coat on bare nails each night before bed. In the morning I applied my neutral shade and went about my day at work. (I then used Bottom Line under my swatches in the evenings). So I didn't have this on constantly, but I definitely wore it a good amount of time each day. I don't know the method of action or ingredients that are supposed to deliver these claims, so I can't speak to that. What I do know is that my nails are longer (as you can probably tell if you go through the last month of posts). I'm not sure what portion (if any) of that can be attributed to Buy Bye Breakups, but it definitely didn't hurt! [UPDATE: More positive feedback - since I drafted this post a week ago, I got totally lax about applying this treatment...and I had a bad break last night! Ack!]

ONE STOP SHOP 3-in-1 Top Coat

  • A base coat, topcoat and strengthener all in one
  • Fast-drying formula eliminates chipping and maximizes lasting color
  • Creates an even, non-yellowing, high-gloss finish

My thoughts: I mentioned in a recent post that I wasn't a huge fan of base/top combos because I’d rather use two separate products which are awesome at what they’re designed to do…versus one bottle that’s just okay at two “jobs”. But I found that my results with 3-in-1 were definitely comparable to Bottom Line and Girl On The Run. The formula was good. And as a base coat, the finish was smoothing, and as a topcoat, it dried fairly quickly with a shiny, but not ultra-shiny finish.

As I said, I'm not the best treatment tester since I rarely leave anything on my nails for 24 hours (or even 12 hours really)! But all in all, my opinion of Salon Station is that all the treatments provide a great value for the money. Each delivers much more than I expected for $1.99! I would definitely check them out.

Pure Ice Salon Station treatments will be available in January 2014 at Walmart stores nationwide. For more information, visit or follow OfficialPureIce on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.