Cirque Alchemy Collection Swatch and Review

 press sample 
Good morning! How's your week so far? I swear every minute of every day is scheduled for me from now until Christmas! But I shall survive. So today I have another new-to-me indie. Cirque is a well-known indie favorite and one I've been dying to try! Whenever an indie puts that much love and care into the branding of a product line...chances are good the polishes are just as fantastic! Today I have five shades from the new 10-shade Cirque Alchemy Collection.

Stella is described as a "romantic rose gold microglitter". I love ultrafine, full coverage glitters like this and this is a metallic shade that I'm missing. It's stunning in the sunlight. The formula was excellent and I got full coverage in two coats. I finished it with two coats of topcoat. (I used G&G HK Girl Topcoat for all swatches in this post.)

Cirque Stella from the Alchemy Collection

Mink is perfectly named and is a new fave for work! It's a milk chocolate brown holo that leans almost grey or maybe green. It's hard to describe. The holo is really strong. I downloaded my pics from my camera and gasped a little. My lighting setup doesn't do the best job of showing you that rainbow range...but you can definitely see all the little particles that make this one dazzle. It's borderline wild, but I've worn this to the office multiple times already. This is two coats.

Cirque Mink from the Alchemy Collection

Baptista is a deep, inky purple shimmer with hints of blue. I found the formula was a little streaky on the first pass...but it was perfectly smooth and opaque in two coats. This shade of purple is really beautiful.

Cirque Baptista from the Alchemy Collection

Arcane Fire is a deep maroon red with an almost opalescent golden shimmer. My photo doesn't do this one justice. It's a unique combo and I love it for winter. My swatch is two coats.

Cirque Arcane Fire from the Alchemy Collection

Last but not least, we have Vectors. Vectors is a glitter topper packed with multi-shaped and sized black glitters floating in a clear base with the slightest shimmer. This is meant to be layered over other colors. I swatched a single coat over Mink. I wanted to see if it could take Mink from day-to-night. I think it does! This is one coat with a little pushing of glitters to get them evenly spread on the nail. I used two coats of topcoat to make it glassy smooth.

Cirque Vectors from the Alchemy Collection

Cirque definitely exceeded my expectations and Mink is definitely my pick from this bunch! What's yours?

The Alchemy Collection is available now at  Prices range from $13-15.  For other retailers, please visit the “Stockists” page of the website.  For Cirque news and releases, follow Cirque on facebook, twitter and instagram.