Charme Lacquers New York Collection Swatch and Review

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Hello! I have another new indie for the blog. I was blown away when I got this package...such pretty stuff! Charme Lacquers sells handmade nail polish, as well as nail charms, decals and decorations. Today I have the New York Collection. I honestly love them all! Each mani also features a different Charme Lacquer nail charm or selection of studs. [Charme Lacquers image below]

Bleecker is crazy beautiful. You have to enlarge the pic to really see its awesomeness. This red-based jelly is packed with holo glitters in hexes, dots and hearts. Application was tricky. I sort of dabbed and polished and the larger glitters required some fishing. But it was totally worth the effort. I added a rhinestone charm to the middle finger. The charm is very engagement ring-esque, isn't it? I was surprised by how substantial these charms are...I have no doubt they're reusable as advertised. (3 coats polish, 2 coats topcoat).

Charme Lacquers Bleecker

Fifth Avenue is a blue/green duochrome with a golden shimmer. It has a seafoam-y shade to it. My photo doesn't do the color change justice, but it's there. My accent finger has a row of gold square studs down the middle. (2 coats polish, 1 coat topcoat)

Charme Lacquers Fifth Avenue

Broadway is stunning. It has a variety of holo hex and square glitters, as well as black diamond glitters suspended in a bright purple base.  The formula is really nice, but it did take some dabbing in spots to get the jelly opaque. I used a square rhinestone charm in the middle of my pointer finger. (3 coats polish, 2 coats topcoat)

Charme Lacquers Broadway

Times Square is a bright blue shimmer filled with holo hexes and dots. The glitters are buried in the base, but it's a beautiful effect. I placed three round neon studs in a row at each cuticle.  (2 coats polish, 1 coat topcoat)

Charme Lacquers Times Square

Madison is a medium pink jelly filled with silver and gold, multi-sized hex glitters and the occasional large red round glitter. The jelly base was smooth and the large round glitters were evenly distributed and came out so easy! I used a pretty rhinestone bow charm on the ring finger. Super pretty.  (2 coats polish, 1 coat topcoat)

Charme Lacquers Madison

Park Avenue is a medium-gray shimmer with very fine blue flakies. It's really a unique polish. Unfortunately you can't see the blue flakies at all in my pics! Bummer. I used round holographic studs for my accent finger. Are those like crazy holographic or what? (2 coats polish, 1 coat topcoat)

Charme Lacquers Park Avenue

On all shades, the formula was really nice for a handmade line packed with so many goodies. Many of them dried semi-matte, so they require a generous coat of shiny topcoat. (I used G&G HK Girl). As I mentioned, the charms are reusable. There are nearly 50 styles! I attached both the charms and studs with topcoat...but for longer wear, you can use just a touch of nail glue.

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite? Bleecker and Madison are my picks.

Charme Lacquers New York Collection
Charme Lacquers are 3-free and retail for $11USD (15ML) bottle. You can buy the New York Collection as a set (supplies are limited) and receive more than 15% off of original price! The resusable charms come in a 2 piece pack and the studs come in 100 piece packs, both for $1.99. Shop for Charme Lacquers in their Etsy store and follow Daily_Charme on Instagram for launch news and promotions.