Polished by KPT Swatch Fest: Thermal, Holo, Glitter and Glow!

 press sample 
Today’s swatches are from a brand I have swooned over on Instagram since the day I joined IG! Polished by KPT’s creations are amazing! I’m going to show you a variety of colors and finishes. Without exception, every polish had an excellent formula with easy application.  I used G&G HK Girl topcoat.


Katherine is known for her thermals for good reason! They're beautiful in their own right, even without the color change! How these will “wear” on you is really dependent on your body temperature.  The color change will appear at 86ᵒF. The polish will retain the color as long as the temperature remains at or above 86ᵒF. As it cools, it will return to normal. It’s fun to watch the change while doing everyday stuff, like holding a cold can of Coke or getting into a hot car. For the photos below, I ran my hands under warm water, then dipped the tips into cool water.

Daiquiri is a glass fleck that’s red-orange when cold and a beautiful bright pink when warm. The difference between the two colors is much greater than shown here. I LOVE pink, red and orange together. This is stunning. My swatch is three coats.

Polished by KPT Daiquiri (thermal)

Molybdenum is part of the Transition Elements Vol 1 Collection. These are unique because they are the first thermal polishes combined with a chrome/mirror finish. Molybdenum is a charcoal gray that lightens to a silvery mirrored finish when warm.  My swatch is three coats.

Polished by KPT Molybdenum (thermal)

Glitter Toppers

High Maintenance has iridescent and matte pastel glitters in a clear base. I’ve used one coat over Misa Ripe Raspberry.

Polished by KPT High Maintenance

Bachelorette Party is a micro-flecked, silvery lilac base with matte white and iridescent glitters. Very sparkly. My swatch is two coat over JulieG White Orchid.

Polished by KPT Bachelorette Party

Glow Lacquers

Polished by KPT Glow Lacquers glow under UV and black light. For each shade, I've included a pic under regular and blacklight.

Glowing Smardy is part of a special edition duo, The Smardy Duo, created by Katherine to benefit Nate Green, a young boy who suffers from a rare neuromuscular disease called SMARD1. 50% of the profits from this duo will be donated. Read more here. I've used Zoya Wednesday as a base.

Polished by KPT Glowing Smardy (light)

Polished by KPT Glowing Smardy (dark)

And last but not least is Color Therapy. WOW! This really caught my eye with its combination of neon pink, neon green and opalescent glitters. The base is cosmic. I love the combination over black. I used one coat over JulieG Black Sheep.

Polished by KPT Color Therapy (dark)

I'm obsessed with Plumeria and Color Therapy! What are your faves?

In addition to polish, Katherine also sells beautiful polish jewelry. You can shop Polished by KPT at her Big Cartel site. If you're outside of the US, she has several international stockists. Click here to see the list. Her polishes are regular sell-outs. For upcoming releases and stock updates, follow Polished by KPT on facebook and instagram.