Nubar East of Eden Collection Swatches and Review

 press sample 
I’m excited to premier Nubar swatches for the first time on WPP! I was familiar with the brand, but hadn't tried any of their products. Fortunately, I got to meet with them while at Cosmoprof North America. I had no idea their product offering was so broad. In addition to nail polish, Nubar also produces a UV gel polish line, a professional acrylic line, nail treatments, nail art supplies, spa products and implements. Today I have their Summer Collection, East of Eden, which was released just this month.  First, I'll show you the colors and then recap my thoughts. Each swatch is two coats of polish (with one exception) and one coat of Nubar's Diamond Seal & Shine Topcoat.

Tulips to Kiss You With is a vibrant (nearly neon) pink with a silvery shimmer. Very pretty!

Nubar Tulips to Kiss You With from the East of Eden Collection

Moss Mistress is difficult to describe. It's like a warm chartreuse or a muted lime green with a creme finish. At first I didn't like this one on me. But now that I see the pics, I kinda like it. The occasion would have to be right.

Nubar Moss Mistress from the East of Eden Collection

Wild Blue Yonder is a medium blue metallic with holographic sparkles. The name is perfect. You can see that sea-foamy finish. There's a very fine texture to this polish. If you don't like this effect, one additional coat of topcoat will smooth things out.

Nubar Wild Blue Yonder from the East of Eden Collection

Dahlia Up Later is the pink sister of Wild Blue Yonder. The base is a purple-leaning pink.

Nubar Dahlia Up Later from the East of Eden Collection

A-Peel-ing is a yellow-orange base with a fine hot pink shimmer. Nubar describes it as "fiery". It truly is, but it doesn't come out in my pics.

Nubar A-Peel-ing from the East of Eden Collection

Rockin' The Garden is a sky blue with a very fine shimmer. It's delicate with a nice surprise finish in the light.

Nubar Rockin' the Gardem from the East of Eden Collection

Calla Lily Caramel is a caramel brown with a beautiful pink shimmer. It's fairly sheer. I used three coats and there's still some visible nail line. Even so, I love it. It's perfect for work, but not boring. I had the hardest time capturing this shade with my camera. I think it was reading too close to my skin tone. But it's beautiful. Trust me.

Nubar Calla Lily Caramel from the East of Eden Collection

And finally, here is Dare You to Dragonfly,a lighter teal creme. While it's not that unusual, the formula was really nice and the finish was bright.

Nubar Dare You to Dragonfly from the East of Eden Collection

I had zero issues with application. The formula is a little thinner than I'm used to, but I got the hang of it with practice. My only complaint is the brush...the stem is shorter than I prefer and the bristles were a little wonky on two bottles. But a quick snip of the offending bristles and all was well. The Diamond Seal & Shine Topcoat lives up to the hype. It gives a smooth finish and is ultra shiny! Overall, I'm really impressed with the brand and will definitely be following their new releases! (Speaking of, swatches of the Fall Wild West Collection are coming soon!)

Nubar products are vegan and cruelty free. Their polish retails for $8USD and is available in salons and through their website.  They also distribute internationally. Visit their International Distributors page for availability near you. Be sure to follow Nubar on facebook and twitter for news and promotions.