CPNA 2013: Zoya FUN FACTS and Fall Pixie Dust Collection

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Good morning! Today I have swatches of the Fall Pixie Dust Collection from Zoya! This is my fave collection of Pixie Dusts yet!

Before I get to the pretties, I wanted to share a few fun facts I learned when I sat down with the founder of Zoya, Zoya Reyzis, at Cosmoprof North America. (Like how DO they name the polish!?!). First and foremost, Zoya is absolutely delightful. Very witty and kind and humble! As licensed nail techs, she and I commiserated on quite a few things we experienced during our time as professional manicurists (of course, my experience PALES in comparison to hers!) Here are a few super interesting fun facts I learned:

  • Zoya’s salon in Cleveland, Ohio, was one of the first salons to offer only nails and skincare (no hair services). Zoya earned her complete cosmetology license after immigrating to the US from the Soviet Union. She stepped in to do facials and waxing after an employee left the shop! [She told me a hilarious story about waxing...but I'll spare you. LOL]
  • The first Zoya product was a quick dry top coat, invented by her chemist husband, Michael. He would come by the salon after work and started tinkering with formulas after hearing Zoya complain about the polish not drying quickly enough.
  • The product was called ZOOM. I always thought it was called that because it was FAST. But the truth? One of Zoya's clients came up with the name: Z for Zoya, M for Michael, and the two O's represent the two sons (who now run the company).
  • Every single Zoya polish name is inspired by a real woman! As a trained classical pianist, Zoya is very interested in art and culture and was disappointed when clients didn't know culturally important women in history. Her solution? She would educate them with her polish!
  • Carmen, the very first polish (ZP001), is the irresistible Gypsy girl (based on a real woman) in the French Opera of the same name. There was love and passion and murder...classic red!
  • Or how about Tosca? This is the second oldest shade still sold on the Zoya site (ZP008). The Tosca polish is a strawberry red with golden shimmer. And the Tosca Opera is a tragic story of love and loss...where the main character, Tosca, a fiery jealous woman (also based on a real person), is tricked into executing her lover. is this possible? Deep, right? And the color totally fits, doesn't it?
  • Ms Reyzis isn't personally involved in naming polishes anymore, but there's still a REAL woman behind every polish!

Of course, things have evolved from opera heroines and classic Hollywood movie stars like Zsa Zsa [ZP068] and Garbo [ZP069]. Now the focus is on pop culture icons and real everyday women. I actually have an example from the Fall Pixie Dust line. Did you think it was odd that the blue was called Sunshine? This is named after Sunshine Outing, the celebrity manicurist who came up with a navy Pixie Dust shade for the Timo Welland Show at NYFW by layering Godiva, Dahlia, and Nyx! Let's start there. Here's Sunshine. This polish had me at Navy.

Zoya Sunshine from the Fall 2013 Pixie Dust Release

So my pics of Carter (which is actually the maiden name of the woman who inspired this polish!) do not even begin to show how amazeballs this polish is. This one is much more glittery than the others. And even though it's the darkest, it's also the most sheer. I used three coats. This seriously takes my breath away in person. Let the polish dry well in between coats for the blingiest Pixie Dust manis!

Zoya Carter from the Fall 2013 Pixie Dust Release

Tomoko is a champagne silver shade. I wore this to work like a rebel! Metallic sparklies are so pretty in person, but they don't photograph well on me. It's a beautiful polish.

Zoya Tomoko from the Fall 2013 Pixie Dust Release know my love of berry polish. This is like breaking open a geode rock that's been drenched in raspberry Kool-Aid. Please tell me your parents took you on hikes to break open geode rocks. First, it's cool. And second, I don't want to discover that it's really some ancient activity only undertaken by ancient people in their childhoods!

Zoya Arabella from the Fall 2013 Pixie Dust Release

Chita is the green. The texture is amazing. I tried in vain to track down the real Chita. Chita Rivera maybe? This one feels warm and cozy like Autumn. UPDATE: So I just found out that Chita is the name of the polish muse's mother! This Chita isn't famous, but I hear she's very special! :)

Zoya Chita from the Fall 2013 Pixie Dust Release

And finally we have Dhara, a fiery orange. See this post from The Silver Nail for a good comparison between Beatrix, Destiny and Dhara. To me, they're different enough to own them all...but I also have a room in my home dedicated to nail, yeah.

Zoya Dhara from the Fall 2013 Pixie Dust Release

A note about formula...I thought these applied much smoother than the past two Pixie Dust Collections. Super smooth, in fact. Zoya is in a groove. Before I leave you with links and prices for getting the Zoya Fall Pixie Dust polishes for yourself, here's another pic of me with Zoya, holding a modern bottle of the first polish, Carmen (ZP001), and my personal bottle of Zoya ZOOM Carmen, my late mother's polish. It was very awesome and I get a little verklempt just thinking about it!! (I also didn't think I would ever use the word "verklempt" on my blog!)

Zoya Reyzis, me, and my original bottle of Zoya ZOOM Carmen

Oh, and I also got to see the 2013 Holiday Collection (and names...which I'm now obsessed with!) Swoon! But I can't share my pics yet. The millisecond I can, I will!

Zoya Pixie Dust retails for $9.00 ea. (US). It's available at, select stores and spas and in ULTA beauty stores (not online).