Cosmoprof North America 2013: Color Club Winter Collection plus Rebranding Plans and Addition of Two Collections a Year

I have a ton of news on the Color Club front! Wow. Walking into the Forsythe Cosmetics booth (the manufacturer of both Color Club and Ruby Wing) was like a candy store. There was a lot to see and learn. I have upcoming collections, new nail art kits, and breaking news on the future addition of two collections per year and Color Club's rebranding plans! This will be a long post, so I'll lead off with the best scoop first...the winter collection!

Upcoming Collections

Harlem Lights (Winter/Holiday 2013)

Color Club Harlem Nights (Winter 2013) WPP

At first glance, this collection looks fairly plain with shades of blue and neutrals...but I'm CRAZY about it. My pic doesn't do it justice. Granted, I haven't tried them yet. But I love how they look in the bottles. This collection will reach salons in September. Here are the colors (L to R):

  • Sugar Rays: Tan shimmer
  • Poetic Hues: Cream
  • Apollo Star: Silver Glitter
  • Baldwin Blues: Blue (not quite Navy)
  • Lady Holiday: Grey
  • Savoy Nights: Multi-blue glitter

This doesn't speak "holiday" to me, but it does scream "winter". I think I'll be able to wear most of these to work too. I want to use them all together. I'll have to start plotting a look!

Girl About Town (Fall 2013)

Color Club Girl About Town Collection Fall 2013 WPP

The Fall collection promotion has just begun. Units should be available in retail this month. This collection includes six colors (I really had to color correct this shot and it's still not quite keep that in mind):

  • Silver Lake: Grey
  • Williamsburg: Navy Shimmer
  • East Austin: Coral
  • The Uptown: Multi-flake
  • Wicker Park: Lavender
  • Pearl District: Tiger Eye

I'm a sucker for Navy and Grey. Plus, the addition of coral would make some beautiful nail art! The jury is out for me on Pearl District. I like the concept, but I fear it will clash with my skin tone. But I can't wait to try it!

New Nail Art Kits

Color Club has a few new nail art offerings. These items have just popped up on the Color Club website. All will begin shipping to retailers in October, so it will be a few months yet until we can get them.

Below are the three Masterclass Kits, which include everything you need to create a look. The three themes are (L to R) Gemology, Metal Shop and Geometry.

Color Club Master Class

Below is the new Zodiac Nail Kits display. Each of the twelve kits (one for each astrological sign) will include a mini polish, corresponding birthstone gems, and a gem art tool (to help you pick them up and place them on the nail). The boxes below are mock-ups. In the final versions, there will be a round gemstone picture in the top left corner of the box so consumers can easily identify their birthstone.

Color Club Zodiac Nail Kits

The Foilfilm Manicure Kits include 10 feet of foil film in two rolls, 1 foil adhesive, and two mini nail lacquers. Wow. That's a lot of manis! 120 inches of foil!  There are six kits (listed after the pic).

Color Club Foil Film

Foilfilm Manicure Kits

  • Animal Wonder: Cheetah and Black Foil
  • Deep Space: Futuristic and Blue Foil
  • Mirror Mirror: Gold and Silver Foil
  • Opal Lace: Opal and Lace Foil
  • Over the Rainbow: Tie Dye and Pink Swirl Foil
  • Sweet Dream: Technicolor and Purple Foil

Starting in 2014...Six collections a year!

I was told that beginning in 2014, Color Club will release six collections per calendar year. This will include their four seasonal releases: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, as well as Resort and Back-to-School Collections. I know the Back-To-School release is intended to bridge the gap between Summer and Fall. I'm not sure if Resort will come out between Winter and Spring or Spring and Summer. I'll have to check on that.

Color Club Makeover

This news was really interesting to me. Forsythe Cosmetics has decided to give Color Club a small makeover and delineate two of their brands in a few ways. First, the Color Club line has a new look. The focus will be on a more sophisticated offering which will retail in higher end outlets. It will include nail art products and kits and will release all six collections each year. Below is the new logo. I'm not sure when we can expect packaging to transition to the new look.

New Color Club Logo

In addition, Forsythe Cosmetics will rejuvenate the Cosmetic Arts line, branding it as a "junior" line that's more youthful (and affordable). I believe it will retail in outlets such as Harmon, Ross, Christmas Tree Shoppes, Bed, Bath & Beyond and similar stores. Plans are for six Cosmetic Arts collections per year, as well.

I know that was a lot for one post! Fun though, right? For more info, visit the Color Club website. You can also follow them on facebook, twitter, youtube, and pinterest.


  1. Very interesting post! The problem I have with Color Club is that I can't find it at the retail level and I live in a major metropolitan area. Only Bed, Bath & Beyond carry it in my area, but the selection they have are very old collections from as far back as 2007-2008. I wish current Color Club collections were available at Ulta or Beauty Brands.

  2. gah so so so soooo jealous of the fabulous time you must have had xxx

  3. Its generally difficult to get Color Club in the UK, but these look like a lot of fun. I'll have to try and make sure I get a hold of some of them.

  4. Ohohoh thoose collections looks stunning, really want them all at the moment! :)

  5. OMG what a great post! I love the new logo, I love the foil kits, and I must have "The Uptown". What I'm not sure of is the Zodiac mani kits. I wonder if the October kit will be with a lame pink gem or the REAL birthstone, opal. If it's opal I'm in.

  6. Great post with exciting news! I'm really hype for the nail art sets...really fun!

  7. I wish I had been able to go to CosmoProf. I am glad you brought back so much information for us. Thank you!

  8. Lisa at Cosmetic SanctuaryJuly 20, 2013 at 6:21 PM

    I want to see the Zodiac Nail Kits! Great post!

  9. i can only wait for the huge sale beauty plus salon is going to have on color club to get rid of soon-to-be old packaging bottles once the new logo transition become effective!

  10. So much information. I Love it!
    Glad CC was at Cosmoprof. Looking forward to all the changes coming. I love the CC sets I find at ROSS. And can we say They make WONDERFUL HOLOS!!

    I Hope we see more Holos from them.

  11. Thank you, this was very informative! I really like the addition of two collections per year, but I hope the rebranding doesn't mean higher prices as they are already quite expensive and hard to get here in Europe.

  12. The Zodiac kits look awesome!

  13. This is interesting! They all look great! 6 collections? What an exciting time for Color Club! Yay! :)

  14. I love Color Club. If they were easier to find, they would easily be one of my favorite brands.

  15. Ooh I love the idea of the zodiac kits!!!!!

  16. Great news about the rebranding and collections! I will have to link over to you in my roundup, I didn't even catch the different logo, and I forgot to take a pic of the Master Class sets! Love your pics and descriptions!!!

  17. I hope I'll still be able to randomly find the kits at Winners, as the only other place I find them are online for 3x as much.


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