a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection Swatches and Review

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Ahhh, a-england…it’s been too long. I’m a huge fan of Adina’s buttery polishes. Her latest collection, Burne-Jones Dream, did not disappoint! The dreamy, fine-holographic colors are based off of Edward Burne-Jones’ Legend of Briar Rose paintings. This series depicts the moment in The Sleeping Beauty when the Prince first comes upon the sleeping Court and Princess. I’ve always been a fan of these paintings and they make perfect sense as inspiration for a polish line! [image source]

Burne-Jones Legend of Briar Rose

There are five polishes in this collection, but as of this writing, only four are available. I’ll describe the formula in one swoop because they are all equally fabulous…self-leveling, great control, awesome coverage (in fact, all but one could be one-coaters). The finish is hard to describe. It’s part holo, part shimmer, a little glowy, a touch glittery and maybe some magic thrown in! LOL. My swatches almost look unreal! And yet they are totally wearable and not too flashy in the least.
I’ll start with my fave, Briar Rose. It’s a deep rose shade…very intense, fine holo.

a-england Briar Rose from the Burne-Jones Dream Collection

Sleeping Palace is a deep, dusty plum. It also has a very intense finish. It was actually a toss-up between this one and Briar Rose for my favorite. But Briar Rose is technically pink…so, well, you know how that goes. :)

a-england Sleeping Palace from the Burne-Jones Dream Collection

While I used two coats for every swatch, Fated Prince was really the only one that needed it. It’s difficult to describe. It’s a deep gray with an Army green undertone. Very pretty. Look at that pic! My DSLR camera was working overtime!

a-england Fated Prince from the Burne-Jones Dream Collection

And finally, we have Rose Bower. This deep red shade has a glowy finish like a-england Perceval. The holo effect is more subdued. But the total effect is still stunning!

a-england Rose Bower from the Burne-Jones Dream Collection

If you want to see more of the rainbow-y holo finish, The PolishAholic has some great outdoor shots here!

I’m not sure how a-england continues to develop such unique shades. There’s always something truly new in every bunch. And the formula can’t be beat!

The a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection is available at Nail Polish Canada for $13.50CAD with free shipping to Canada for orders over $25. Shipping is free to the US for orders over $50. For more information on a-england, visit the a-england website.