OPI Couture de Minnie Collection Swatches and Review

 press sample 
Friday is here! Feels good, doesn’t it? I have fun collection to show you today, the OPI Couture de Minnie Collection. It includes four limited edition polishes and one new Liquid Sand shade. This collection is inspired by a more “fashion-forward” Minnie Mouse. All of the colors are reds and pinks – but there’s a wide range of textures and shades to give it variety.

I'll start with my surprise favorite, Innie Minnie Mightie Bow. This polish is a crimson red with a fine gold shimmer. Think of it as the less flamboyant, baby sister of The Spy Who Loved Me. Innie Minnie Mightie Bow has a similar red shade with but with a much more subtle gold effect. I don't know why I like this one so much...but I do. The formula was nice. This is two easy coats.

OPI Innie Minnie Mightie Bow

Chic from Ears to Tail is a soft, bubblegum pink. It has the slightest sparkly shimmer that you can’t really see in my photos. I probably have a few similar pinks in my stash…but I can never have enough. I had to use three coats for coverage.

OPI Chic from Ears to Tail

Minnie Style is a red and white glitter. I was most curious about this one when I saw the press release photos. And when I saw the bottle in person I gasped a little! It really is like an abstract “Minnie” polka-dot. My only wish was that the glitter was round instead of hexes – that would have been amazing. I used one coat (with a little dabbing) over Chic from Ears to Tail.

OPI Minnie Style

Magazine Cover Mouse is the lone Liquid Sand polish in the collection. OPI calls it a “strawberry” shade and that's really dead on. The textured finish is really fine and sparkly with hints of pink and gold. Application was really nice. I used two coats and no topcoat.

OPI Magazine Cover Mouse

And last but not least is A Definite Moust-Have. This polish is a mystery to me. OPI describes it as a fantastic fuchsia. I swear, this looks straight up coral to me in the bottle and on my nails. But I download my pics from my camera and there's that fuchsia. It has a very slight silvery shimmer that does make it "pinker" when in direct light. If I tried to color correct it to the warmer shade I saw with my own eyeballs...then my skin was orange. But it really doesn't matter. It's a pretty shade whether it's coral or fuchsia. The formula was excellent. This is two easy coats.

OPI A Definite Moust-Have

Couture de Minnie is a limited edition promotion. It will be available beginning June 2013 at professional salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, jcp Salons, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, ULTA and for $9.00 ($10.95 CAN) suggested retail for each nail lacquer.  For more information visit www.opi.comor follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_PRODUCTS or Facebook.

So what's your favorite? Do you plan to get anything from this collection?