Essie Summer 2013 Neons Collection Swatches and Review

It’s Friday! Woot! So today I have swatches of Essie’s Summer 2013 Neons Collection which consists of five jelly-ish shades and one crème. The colors are beautiful and I really like the final product of each mani…but man, it was a lot of work to get there! For each swatch (except one), I started with a single coat of Essie Blanc, as recommended, to make the neon bright. And therein lies the problem.  Jellies are great because they glide on easy and smooth…but any jelly will struggle to cover a white polish. Be prepared, the first coat of color is a hot mess…but it all works out. Neons are so hard to photograph. If the color is way off - I'll let you know!

I'll start with my fave. You shouldn't be shocked to see a pink. (I'm so predictable!) Bottle Service is described by Essie as a "scorching neon fuchsia". It's not in-your-face neon, but the fluorescent quality is there and so is the typical satin finish. I used three coats.

Essie Bottle Service from the Summer 2013 Neons Collection

Shake Your $$$ Maker is a gorgeous shade of squishy, bright kelly green. This one was the sheerest…so coverage over the white was really difficult. I used three coats of color and there’s still some streakiness which you can see in my photo. I should have gone for a fourth. It looks much better in person. I think my strong lamp penetrated the layers of jelly and magnified the patchiness. I honestly do love this. I haven't swatched Neon Green from the Nicole by OPI Notorious! NEON mini set yet...but it looks awfully similar in the bottle.

Essie Shake Your $$$ Maker from the Summer 2013 Neons Collection

Essie calls Saturday Disco Fever a “superhot fire coral”. It doesn't lean pink like I expected from the name. It’s really just a clean, glowy neon orange. My swatch is way too red. It's really more of a "safety" orange. This one had the best formula, but I still needed three coats.

Essie Saturday Disco Fever from the Summer 2013 Neons Collection

Boom Boom Room is the lone crème of the bunch and the least neon. I first swatched this with a white base. Even though I was patient and let the white dry, the color dragged through the white and made a swirly mess. I started over and skipped the white for the photo below. Boom Boom Room is a bright bubblegum pink that's less lavender and more "punchy" than my pic shows.

Essie Boom Boom Room from the Summer 2013 Neons Collection

Bouncer It's Me is an electric blue jelly. So vibrant! Again, the final mani is gorgeous, but the formula was really sheer and difficult to build without getting thick. This one is also eerily similar to a NOPI Neon, Neon Blue from the Scandalous NEON! mini set. You definitely don't need both.

Essie Bouncer It's Me from the Summer 2013 Neons Collection

And the last shade (and a close second place behind Bottle Service for me) is DJ Play that Song. Essie describes it as a “jam-miest neon plum”.  I love this shade. If you know what Munsell Purple is…this is it! The pigment was separating and streaky in my bottle and no amount of rolling/shaking got it mixed. But it didn’t seem to come off the brush that way. It took patience and three very generous coats to cover the white. I do love the final result. Maybe next time I’ll skip the white and just aim for a bright purple jelly.

Essie DJ Play that Song from the Summer 2013 Neons Collection

So my final verdict? These are beautiful bright jellies. If you go into it with that mindset (and skip the white base and your expectations for ultra-bright neon), you won't be disappointed.

Essie’s Summer 2013 Neons Collection retails for $8 per bottle and is available now at and a variety of beauty destinations nationwide, including ultaCVSRite Aid, and Target.