Zoya Irresistible Collection Swatches & Review

 press sample 
Happy Monday! So I have three Zoya Summer Collections in line for swatching – PixieDust, Stunning and Irresistible (in that order). Irresistible was, well, irresistible, so I skipped ahead. (Don’t worry, I’ll circle back to others.) Irresistible is a collection of “Super” Foils. The finish is similar to Zoya Ziv from the 2012 Ornate Collection. That’s the best way to describe just how foil-y/metallic-y these are in person! All swatches are two coats without topcoat.

I'll start with my fave, Bobbi. If you look closely, it’s a mix of pink, fuchsia and cool gold. It has so much depth. Of course, I love all pinks!

Zoya Bobbi

Kerry is a warm, sunny yellow-gold. This polish reminds of gold lame (dance fever, anyone?). I don't like yellow with my skin tone - but this will be a great accent color for me for nail art.

Zoya Kerry

Rikki is a fern green and gold. Initially I thought it was similar to Zoya Logan. Actually, the two polishes are very different – Rikki is paler, more sage green and definitely more foil-y than Logan.

Zoya Rikki

Hazel is a cool, medium blue with olive green/gold flecks. I don’t have anything even close to this in my collection. I’m starting to incorporate blues into my everyday polish instead of keeping it for “wild” days. (um…I don’t get very wild, obviously.)

Zoya Hazel

Tinsley is a rose pink shade with a gold finish.  This one surprised me. Looking at the bottle, I thought it was going to turn out like my grandma's "old school" foil polish. But on the nail, it was modern and interesting.

Zoya Tinsley

And last but not least is Amy, a vibrant orange/gold. The orange is super intense. Everything about this polish is intense. It’s definitely a fun color for summer.

Zoya Amy

I hope I've done these polishes justice. As I mentioned - if you know Ziv, then you can imagine the combination of foil, shimmer, sparkle and glitter of the Irresistible shades. Here's a quick bottle shot comparison of Kerry and Ziv.

With all six polishes, I did have some drag with the first coat. But all was well with the second coat. I liken the first coat to paint primer. I think the foil finish needs to stick to itself (if that makes sense?). So don’t worry about coverage with the first round – just make it thin and even – and you’ll be good to go after the second coat.

Zoya polishes are BIG5FREE. The Irresistible Collection is available at for $8USD. Follow Zoya on facebook and twitter to keep up with their frequent promotions.

On a funny note, as soon as I saw the press releases for the Stunning and Irresistible Collections, I had a genius nail art idea (or so I thought). I painstakingly executed the plan – only to immediately conclude that it looked like gawdy candy corns. I took it off before snapping a single pic! I definitely have a talent for turning awesome nail polish into ugly nail art! Maybe one day I'll feature a WPP blooper reel!