Pure Ice 2012 Holiday Collection Swatches and Reviews (3 of 5)

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It's Day 3 and I have six more Pure Ice Holiday polishes to show you. Sorry if I sound like a broken record...but be sure to enter my current giveaway where you can win every single polish swatched this week! Before I delve into today's reviews, I want to thank all of you who have sent emails or left comments about the disconnect between some of the polish names/colors shown on my blog and what is actually in stores and listed online. I see that Pure Ice has been regularly updating their I'm confident we'll figure it out eventually. But as I told one commenter earlier - the name doesn't really matter anyway as long as it's a pretty polish. Am I right? :) So here we go...

New Years Resolution:

I love this one. It's a blue red crème base with small silver and fuschia glitters. Application was really nice considering all that glitter. The pictures don't do this one justice. I'm wearing two coats. *Note the Pure Ice site describes this as a burgundy glitter. Again, I don't know if I have a mislabeled bottle or if there are a few versions of this one floating around the interwebs. One reader bought two bottles of New Years Resolution from two different Walmarts and they didn't match.

Pure Ice New Year's Resolution Swatch (work / play / polish)


Beeware is an ultrafine dense silver glitter in a clear base. First I tried this on its own, but it wouldn't cover my stained nails (gasp...yes, it's true). So I tried it over Party Hard. You can see how dense the glitter is (this is just one coat!). You may be able to get this opaque in three coats. I love small glitters like this. *Note: The Pure Ice site calls this one Beware (spelled with one 'e').

Pure Ice Beeware


So apparently Celestial is not a new release. I didn't research all of the polishes but I did run across a post about this one from 2010. Maybe it's a re-release for this collection? In any event, it’s a metallic cobalt blue. It's a similar blue to Zoya Song, but a different finish. The formula was good. Opaque in two coats.

Pure Ice Celestial Swatch (work / play / polish)

Sleigh Ride:

So here's one that I definitely won't wear again. I can see what Pure Ice was going for with this one, but I'm just not feeling it. Sleigh Ride is clear base tinted with ultra-fine red glitter. Super-duper fine red glitter. To me, it makes the clear base seem dirty. Then it has red and green bar glitters and the occasional silver hex glitter. I tried this a few different ways. My swatch below is one coat of Sleigh Ride layered over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. The application was challenging and the silver hexes were hard to come by. Actually this one was kinda doomed from the start for me because I think bar glitter looks "hairy". To it's credit, Sleigh Ride looks much better in direct light.

Pure Ice Sleigh Ride Swatch (work / play / polish)

The Secret is Out:

The Secret is Out is a preppy, spring-y green crème. Simple and pretty. The formula was great.

Pure Ice The Secret is Out! Swatch (work / play / polish)


This one is a dense, deep-red microglitter in a clear base. You may be able to get this one opaque after several coats, but I chose to start with a base of Sweet-Tart. My swatch has two coats of Reddy-or-Not. It dries quickly with a rough, flat finish…but is a sparkle-bomb after a coat of Seche Vite.

Pure Ice Reddy-or-Not Swatch (work / play / polish)

So if you could only have one of these which would it be? My choice? Beeware. It think it would look awesome with black stamping.