Pure Ice 2012 Holiday Collection Swatches and Reviews (2 of 5)

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It's Day 2 of the Pure Ice Swatchathon. I have six more polishes to show you today. Just like yesterday, I'll include notes where the polish name or description is different than represented on the Pure Ice site. Remember, you can WIN all of these beauties in my current giveaway!! So let's get started.

Party Hard:

Party Hard is a deep navy blue. It's a touch on the thin side...not too bad. I just polished very slowly and deliberately. Flooding your cuticles with dark navy polish does not a pretty mani make! This swatch is two coats. Isn't it gorgeous?  Note: Pure Ice describes this polish as "black" but my bottle is cleary blue.

Pure Ice Party Hard (work / play / polish)

Garter my Belt:

This polish is a magenta microglitter with silver hex glitters. Does it look familiar? It should. Only the silver hexes make this one different from Twinkle (swatched yesterday). Plus...this is absolutely IDENTICAL to Booty Call (swatched here).  *Note: Pure Ice calls this one a "mauve glitter". Clearly that's not right. So either I have a mislabeled bottle or a renamed color. Not sure.

Pure Ice Garter My Belt Swatch (work / play / polish)

Razzle and Dazzle:

This one is a sheer base with green microglitter speckled with larger silver hexes. I’ve layered it over The Secret is Out! so I didn’t have to use multiple coats. The finished product is a sparkly Kelly green. I really don't have anything similar in my stash (which doesn't happen very often!) *Note: The Pure Ice website calls this one Razzle Dazzle (no "and" in the name).

Pure Ice Razzle and Dazzle Swatch (work / play / polish)


Sweet-Tart is a soft metallic deep red. The consistency and finish remind me of a-england Perceval (which is an enormous compliment since that’s one of my all time favorites). Sweet-Tart has that same glowing look to it. I'm discovering that Pure Ice really does this finish well. Great formula. Zero application issues.

Pure Ice Sweet-Tart Swatch (work / play / polish)


Cheatin has a clear base with ultra-fine purple and blue glitters. The glitter is sparse. My swatch is three coats layered over one coat of Celestial. (You'll see Celestial in a later post.) I doubt you could get this one fully opaque without a lot of effort. Very pretty combo though.

Pure Ice Cheatin Swatch (work / play / polish)

Twist and Shout:

And for the last polish of the day, I have Twist and Shout. This is a clear based polish tinted with red microglitter and filled with small red and blue hexes. I like the ratio between red and blue hexes. This mani is three coats with no underwear. Coverage is good with a little dabbing and some patience between coats. This really has an indie polish look and feel to it. I know we're far from summer...but I can totally see a Twist and Shout Independence Day mani in my future.

Pure Ice Twist and Shout Swatch (work / play / polish)

So what do you think?  It's hard to pick a favorite out of this bunch. I must admit the office girl in me likes Party Hard the best. Which is slightly ironic considering I like it because it's conservative and not-Party Hardy. Don't forget to enter the giveaway!