Pure Ice 2012 Holiday Collection Swatches and Review (5 of 5)

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It's finally arrived...the last day of Pure Ice week. I hope this was helpful to someone out there in internet-land! It was fun to test out all these polishes - but a lot of work. I miss my nail art! Don't forget to enter the giveaway for the ENTIRE Pure Ice Holiday 2012 Collection. Not only will you win every single polish swatched this week (30)..but six more beauties that I picked up yesterday to round out the set! So here are the last six swatches...

Silver Mercedes:

This metallic silver polish has a thick and smooth formula. It reminds me of the China Glaze Magnetix formula (which I love). This one is definitely a one-coater! I bet this would make a great stamping polish. I'll have to put that on my to-do list.

Pure Ice Silver Mercedes (work / play / polish)

Cherries on Top:

The Pure Ice site calls this one a blue-red crème.  It looks like a warm darker-pink to me. I suppose it’s the same thing. A pinky red. Or a reddish pink! The formula was really nice.

Pure Ice Cherries on Top (work / play / polish

First Party:

First Party consists of multi-shaped small red glitters in a clear base. I don't think you could get it opaque on its own. Here I've layered it over one coat of Gift of Gold. I'm not crazy for this combination, but it does show you the density of the glitter.*Note: The Pure Ice site calls this one "Frost Party". That makes more sense. Could be typo on the site? or the bottle?

Pure Ice First Party Swatch (work / play / polish)

All Vamped Out:

All Vamped Out is a dark burgundy/purple crè's much darker on the nail than in the bottle. I wasn’t a big fan of this one. The formula was a little runny…which is maddening with a dark color like this. And I had some cuticle drag even though I waited a bit between coats. I used two coats…but I probably should have done three.

Pure Ice All Vamped Out Swatch (work / play / polish)

Sugar Cookie:

Okay, Sugar Cookie...the problem child! My bottle (swatched below) is a baby pink tinted, shimmery base with holo microglitter and hex glitters. I layered two coats over OPI Second Chance Honeymoon. It didn't photograph well…it looks way too peach in the photos. But frankly, I don't really like it anyway. Now on the Pure Ice site, the sole bottle shot (see for yourself) shown to represent this collection is a clear polish with what looks to be multi-colored iridescent glitter and red hex glitter. This polish is also Sugar Cookie (The Silver Nail swatched it here.) But the text on the site describes Sugar Cookie as "white with red glitter". Does that mean there's a third version out there?  Are we confused yet? There's more. I get word from Pure Ice yesterday that my version (the one below) is a blogger sample exclusive and not available in stores. Buuuuutttt....when I found those five missing polishes last night at Walmart....guess which version was on the shelf? Yup. Mine. Do I find this mildly curious? Yes. Is it life shattering? Heck no. At the end of the day, it's just polish. There could be fourteen color permuations, two typos, an exlusive launch and just a plain old batch out there. But the only thing that matters is the name I call, the formula

Pure Ice Sugar Cooking Swatch (work / play / polish)

Bring on the Joy:

I've saved the best for last. I’m in love with Bring on the Joy. It has densely packed deep turquoise glitter in a clear base. It's like the teal version of Beeware and Playtime. I layered this over Celestial just so I wouldn’t have to use a bunch of coats. It’s actually a better match to On His Saddle. But really…it’s so packed with glitter...the underwear color is unimportant. It's a blue sparkle bomb and I love it.

Pure Ice Bring on the Joy Swatch (work / play / polish)

So my obvious choice for my fave in this bunch is Bring on the Joy. What's yours? Anyone else swatched Sugar Cookie? Any version? :)