Essie Winter 2012 Leading Lady Collection

I have another collection to show you today. This one is short and sweet...just like I like them. I LOVE the direction Essie went with their winter collection. Don't get me wrong. I love me some ornate holiday sparkle. But Essie has a few colors in here that say "cool, clean, fresh winter" to me versus "holiday party". And there's definitely room for both!

First up is Where's my Chaueffer, a bright, fresh, turquoise creme. I love how simple it is. It's hard to describe, but it's just a touch "cleaner" than China Glaze For Audrey.  The formula was on the thin side, but it was opaque in two coats. So pretty! It makes me think of frosty snow.

Essie 2012 Leading Lady Collection: Where's my Chauffer (work / play / polish)

Next is Butler Please, a clean, bright blue creme. I used Seche Vite in the photo below, but the polish dried to semi-matte finish. Butler Please was also on the thin side, but opaque in two coats. I have a LOT of blue polish, but not one exactly like this. Love this one too. Two for two so far.

Essie 2012 Leading Lady Collection: Butler Please (work / play / polish)

Now we're heading into the reds. Snap Happy is a bright orangey-red. Essie calls it "cheerful" which is spot on. I don't know how sold I am on this one for the winter, but I do love it. The formula was perfect. It stayed where you put it and was almost opaque in one coat. Three for three (although I might save this one for summer).

Essie 2012 Leading Lady Collection: Snap Happy (work / play / polish)

She's Pampered is a cool-toned medium red creme. It's so cool that it's almost fuschia. The color isn't super unique, but it does make up for it in formula. This one was also almost a one-coater. It's a really nice, smooth, creamy red polish...and a definite keeper if you don't already have something like it.

Essie 2012 Leading Lady Collection: She's Pampered (work / play / polish)

And now on to the glitters. The Collection's namesake, Leading Lady, is a dark red jelly base densely packed with fine red glitter. This is the only one of the bunch that I had any application issues with...I couldn't get the glitter to spread on the first coat. I did my second coat a bit thicker and it got a little gloppy but it cleaned up nicely. It really needed a second the time I got my camera ready and shot the pics - it had sucked it all up!

Essie 2012 Leading Lady Collection: Leading Lady (work / play / polish)

Last but not least is Beyond Cozy. I was excited about Beyond Cozy because it reminds me of China Glaze I'm Not a favorite fine gold glitter polish. In fact, Beyond Cozy is very similar in texture and formula but doesn't have the China Glaze holo glitter. It's a straight up ultrafine neutral glitter (not too yellow...not too silver) that was opaque in two easy coats. I only wish I'd done a second topcoat for a glassy finish. I love glitters like this...they're beautiful with a stamped black pattern.

Essie 2012 Leading Lady Collection: Beyond Cozy (work / play / polish)

So I'm shocked to say a blue polish is a fave in this holiday collection but it's true. My vote is for Butler Please and Beyond Cozy.