Memory Lane: My 100th Post!!

I cannot believe it. Today is my 100th post!!. I had no idea what I was doing when I started this li'l nail blog (actually, I still don't)! But it's been a lot of fun figuring it out. I thought today I'd take a small trip down memory lane. It's been a busy 3 1/2 months...

16 May 2012: My First Post

This post is actually dated May 6th, but my obsessive-compulsive self wanted the homepage to be filled with pictures and posts before I launched. So what did I do? I backdated. My first topic was the Zoya Blogger Collection by Birchbox. This pic of Zoya Belle was actually taken with my iPhone 4s (my skin is a touch yellow here!). I soon upgraded to a Canon Rebel.

11 June 2012: Facebook

I launched my silly little Facebook page. Please "like" me (really, I want you to like me).

21 June 2012: Using my Powers for Good

This is the day I bared my OCD soul to the world and shared my method for tracking my polish stockpile with a gmail contacts list. This post is consistently read by a lot of people each and every day...usually preceeded by a google search for "tracking my polish stash." I suppose it's a common polish lover's problem!

27 June 2012: Biggest Single Day

My Mystery Solved post about my mother's vintage Zoya polish was posted on the Zoya company blog. To this day, this is my busiest single traffic day ever with over 2,000 views. I'm still holding out for a Zoya polish named Victoria!

14 July 2012: Pinterest Interest

Chalkboard Nails (one of my fave nail bloggers) pinned my version of her Gradient Dots mani on her Pinterest page. For some reason, this mani has seen the most new pinning and repinning action. I was just excited that Sarah looked at my photo

5 August 2012: Indie Polish Love

Anni at Vivid Lacquer sent me my very first indie polishes to review. Vivid Lacquer will always be special to me for that reason. But I also I love the polishes (and her). Visit her Etsy store. She also makes awesome stamping plates!

16 August 2012: Good College Try

I entered my very first nail art contest, run by Cosmoprof for licensed nail techs and cosmetologists. I didn't win, but I did finish in the top five, which was pretty cool considering I used two colors and sewing pin stuck in a pencil eraser!

28 August 2012: Wowza

Yesterday! I got my 500th comment and 200th Wordpress follower. What are the odds of both of those milestones happening on my 99th post!? My Pinterest, Facebook, Bloglovin' and Google peeps are growing too. Who knows what the total is...but for sure it's more than I ever expected.


So here I am, just 15 weeks later. I can't believe how many people actually stop by my little mani spot on the interwebs. Sincerest thanks! I'm planning my first giveaway to show my appreciation. So stay tuned.