Rare Gems: Five Expensive and Rare Polishes

I describe the feeling to my husband like this: "You know when you see a special toy action figure in a hobby shop selling for 100's of dollars and you realize that you buried, burned and ran over the same one when you were 9 years old?" If only you'd would have saved it, maybe even treated it better.

Well that's how this feels.  Now that I'm a "civilian" nail polish hobbyist, I'm realizing that in my pro nail days, I had some rare gems of polish right at my fingertips (pun intended) and I didn't appreciate it. Plenty of today's hard-to-find lacquers could be in my stash right now.  But instead all I have is regret. I shall never part with a polish again! :)

Here's a sampling of five rare polishes sold on ebay within the last few weeks.

Rare and Expensive Polishes

5. OPI Designer Series Dazzle

Sold for $44.99
This hot pink polish is described as super-sparkly with hot pink micro-glitter. It debuted in 2006 under the second Designer Series release.

4. China Glaze Limonyte

Sold for $60
This unique neon green is discontinued. It was first released in the Nervy Neons collecion in 2005.

3. Clarins 230

Sold for $69.99
Unless you've been living under a rock, you know this polish is legendary. So awesome, it's known as unicorn pee. Rumor is the multichrome pigment used to make it doesn't exist anymore.

2. Essie Starry Starry Nights

Sold for $76.21
This sheer dark blue jelly with ultra-fine silver glitter falls into the night sky genre of polish (who knew there were polish genres?).  It routinely goes for $50 or more on ebay.

1. Chanel Jade 407

Sold for $289.99
There are LOTS of pricey Chanel's, but this was the most paid for a single bottle this month. This price tag makes me think of the ultra rich buying $500 underwear.  What's the personal wealth "tipping point" where cost is completely irrelevant?

So what is the rarest polish you own? How much would you pay for something at the top of your wishlist? Do you want it because you love it...or because it's rare?