KBShimmer Summer Collection 2015...28 Polishes are on the Way!

So instead of my typical press release regurgitating, I've decided to limit my collection scoop news on the blog to those collections that I find truly interesting (for better or for worse) and also to add a little commentary as I go. Hopefully this will make nail polish news more fun for you and more fun for me too! :) First up...KBShimmer just announced the most massive summer collection in recorded history. :P This three part set includes a whopping 28 polishes! Christy Rose has been busy to say the least!

Part 1 includes the Tropical Creams and Toppers. The bottle shots look like pastel neons and take me immediately to the beach. Two of the colors, Bahama Drama and Leggo My Mango, look pretty similar. I'm most excited for In Yacht Water (how clever is that name!), For Sail By Owner (surprise, I'm looking forward to a green), and Dust in the Bottle. I'm hoping that one is China Glaze Fairy Dust-esque.

KBShimmer Summer 2015 Part 1

Part 2 includes nine Tropical Glitters. We be Jammin' is my fave so far. It's a bright magenta with a blue shimmer and holo sparkle. That shouldn't be a surprise since I always go for things that are remotely berry in color. I can tell from that pic that Shell Shock won't look good on me. A sheer-y, crelly, peachy-nude filled with glitter doesn't sound pretty...but I'm sure Christy knows what she's doing so I'll reserve judgement!

I'm back! The blog is finally relaunched! Woot!

Hi guys! I know you haven't heard from me in a long while, but I've been working feverishly behind the scenes to get the blog moved to blogger. It was way more work than I anticipated and I'm sure I'll run into some kinks yet. In fact, it may be a week or so before I announce the redesign "officially" and start posting some new material (there are still a few loose ends to take care of). Please do me a favor and if you encounter any dead links or other strangeness...shoot me an email and let me know. I would be super grateful!

So what's new? From a design standpoint, I've simplified things quite a bit. Now you can browse by brand and nail art style and easily access the archives. I also tried to make the fonts bigger and more readable and unclutter my disclosure statements. I love the new look.

From a content standpoint, I've been super inspired going through all of my old posts. Some of them totally made me cringe! But one thing that stuck out is how much more fun and casual my posts were in the beginning. I can definitely see when the grind of swatching press samples got to me...which sucked some of the joy out of blogging. I completely believe there's room for both...so I'm determined to find a better balance.

I also have a ton to say about my personal favorites and the industry in general, including coverage of events, celebrity manicurists, collection launches, etc. I've always shied away from posting about this stuff because I wanted to keep each post focused on swatches and nail art only. Well there are no rules and this is my blog after all! So I'm going to approach my collection scoop and nail world industry coverage in a more personal way. And maybe throw in a faves list or two.

Hopefully you'll like the changes. I can't wait to get back into the swing of things!


OPI Hawaii Collection Tropical Nail Art and International GIVEAWAY

Happy Friday! Yesterday ended the first of four week-long giveaways that I'm hosting in March. I'll be contacting the winner of the entire LVX Spring 2015 Collection tonight. Today kicks off the second prize, the entire OPI Hawaii Collection (12 polishes)! And even better...it's open internationally! Like the previous giveaway, simply comment on one, some, or all of my posts during the giveaway week and you're entered to win!

I used the Hawaii shades to create some Hawaiian-inspired nail art. I love the neutral in this collection, Do You Take Lei Away?...it's a great mannequin hand color for me. I used it as my base so the flowers would pop.  Before free-handing the flowers, I stamped a tropical-leaf background with My Gecko Does Tricks and plate BM-210. It created a nice, uniform backdrop.  And finally, I used Go With The Lava Flow, a fire-y gold shimmered coral, Lost My Bikini in Molokini, a pretty purple creme, and Is Mai Tai Crooked, a soft orange, to create the flowers.

OPI Hawaii Collection Tropical Nail Art

OPI 50 Shades of Grey Quilt Block Nail Art

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More OPI today. So I have a confession - I'm totally hitting a wall when it comes to coming up with new nail art. Lately I've been obsessed with quilting block patterns. In fact, I have a secret pinterest board where I've been pinning quilts. I decided to use the OPI 50 Shades of Grey Collection to put one to use. This design is based off a simple quilt block pattern and incorporates four of the six shades in the collection.

OPI 50 Shades of Grey Quilted Nail Art

You can tell more in person, but I purposely brushed on Shine for Me, the silver metallic, in different directions. It's subtle, but a cool detail, I think. The hard part was taping off the lines and keeping everything crisp. I cheated a little and freehanded in some places. I love this red, Romantically Involved. I know we've seen a gazillion reds from OPI lately, especially over the holidays...but you can't ever have enough! The other colors I used were Cement the Deal and Dark Side of the Mood.

A-England The Blessed Damozel Swatch and Review

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It's been awhile since I mentioned this, but A-England was one of my first "indies". (I say that in quotes because Adina's brainchild has reached mainstream proportions since then.) My sister, also a polish lover, ordered it for me as a surprise. I remember I said at the time that this polish should be used in beauty schools to teach new techs to polish because the formula is THAT good. Today I have The Blessed Damozel. It's the latest addition to the Heavenly Quotes Collection.  The color is a deep eggplant purple with a glowy shimmer the fantastically smooth application that A-England has become known for.

A-england The Blessed Damozel

This polish is seriously a one-coater. It's highly pigmented with a thick, creamy consistency. I only used two coats because I'm a creature of habit. You can really see the glow in the bottle. Amazing.

OPI Brights Collection Swatches and Review

Friday launched my March Giveaway Days! Comment on every post this week to earn chances to win. Prize and details are at the end of this post.

There's lots of OPI happening lately. I'm still totally jazzed about my recent OPI headquarters tour (see my recap here). Sarah at Chalkboard Nails is working on an awesome video of our visit. I'll link to it as soon as it's up. So today I have swatches of the new OPI Brights release. There are now nearly 40 Brights shades in the OPI line. They're such fun colors!

OPI Brights 2015 Collection

I'll start with my favorite. My Car has Navy-gation is a gorgeous inky blue. Like my jaw is on the floor. It has a slightly jelly formula, so I used three coats. This dries to a more satin finish without topcoat, which is nice too, but I prefer it shiny. Isn't it awesome!?

OPI My Car Has Navy-gation

The Berry Thought of You is a pretty berry pink. I love berry...like a lot. This has a great formula. My swatch is two easy coats.

OPI The Berry Thought of You

LVX Spring 2015 Collection Swatches and GIVEAWAY

Happy Friday! Today kicks off a month of prizes. For the next four weeks, I'll be posting a new giveaway every Friday. Simply comment on one, some, or all of my posts during the giveaway week and you're entered to win. The first prize up for grabs is the entire LVX Spring 2015 Collection!

LVX Spring 2015 Collection

LVX has really been hitting it out of the park lately, but this is definitely my favorite LVX collection yet. As with all LVX collections, the colors are inspired by the runway. It's so interesting to browse their site and see the fashions that sparked the color. Each swatch below is followed by a few runway photos (from the LVX site) so you can see for yourself.

Camo is my surprise favorite! It's an army green/brown neutral with tons of glowy bronze shimmer. The formula was amazing too. My swatch is two coats.

LVX Camo

LVX Camo

Fuchsia is a bright magenta with a beautiful blue shimmer. The color is really vibrant. It will be a great summer color, as well. I used three thin coats here.

LVX Fuchsia

LVX Fuchsia